Home renovation is becoming a very popular choice since the process of buying a new home is getting more and more expensive. It can vary on what you want, whether it’s simply something new from your kitchen or if you want more space physically, home renovation should be your first port of call as it’s substantially cheaper to commit to. Even though it is much better financially, it’s not a process to jump straight into, and preparing for home renovation does come with its flaws if it isn’t executed properly, here are 5 tips for good home renovation in 2019.


Take Your Time

Rushing the design process only leads to chaos, trying to change rooms individually rather than considering the whole home can create errors, which in turn is an expensive regret. Plan out the whole project, you may find that the designers have the ability to rearrange room sizes that suit your personal needs better or much more affordable ways to get your dream renovation. Make enquiries, do your research and even dabble with some sketches of floor plans.


Find the Best Builders

The using a friend of a friend route might occasionally work out for the minimal projects, but if you’re looking for a luxury renovation, you need to find professionals that are going to give you the home you love. Naturally, finding the balance between affordability and a professional service is key, asking friends and family for their recommendations along with browsing online will help you find candidates for the job. Just remember if they are very cheap there is a reason for it.


Consider Eco-Conscious Materials and Businesses

2019 has brought a better culture to the industry in which more businesses are using locally and ethically sourced materials in their projects. Hiring a company such as these is doing your bit to cut down on poorly produced products and air miles used to source them. Looking into the designer furniture such as modern dining room furniture and the building materials required to finish the renovation will help the environment as the current methods massly used are not sustainable.


Buy Insurance

Depending on how big the project is, some home insurance policies may not cover the cost of damages or problems during the renovation, so before you make a start, check your policy. Special insurance plans can be taken out to cover any costs that come from the house being damaged or the builders doing an unsatisfactory job, this worth reading up on as your small renovation could easily end up being a big mishap if anything goes wrong.


Prepare for Any Emergencies

It’s recommended that you save around 10% more than the total billed cost just encase of an emergency. Unexpected costs can come from the builder’s side and if you don’t have the cash readily available, it can put the whole project back and end up costing even more. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to use it if you’re using good builders and have insurance in place, but it’s always good to have a contingency plan.