South America offers some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Ranging from snow-capped mountains to treacherous jungles and desert landscapes, it is the number one choice for those looking for adventure. Visitors will be blown away by the attractions scattered across the continent in countries such as Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, including art galleries, farms, religious buildings and national parks; in addition, a plethora of other landmarks can be celebrated.

Choose a tour

Beautiful, breathtaking and versatile locations offered by an organised and reputable overland travel agency will leave travellers awe-inspired and overwhelmed. In addition to exploring the natural locations, there are opportunities to take part in fun activities such as boat tours of Lake Titicaca, quad biking and even dune bugging off the beaten track. Learn about the ancient Inca culture or take a trek on the Inca Trail to the lost city of Machu Picchu, the famous World Heritage site. Oasis Overland Adventure Travel can offer you all this and more! With expert agents and group leaders, this amazing continent can be explored to the max.

With the Andes and Amazon tour, the Amazon rainforest can be experienced first-hand as travellers immerse themselves in a range of activities and stay in a stunning jungle lodge; alternatively, take a 50-day tour of Venezuela and Columbia, starting deep within the Amazon rainforest before travelling past the glorious tepuis (flat-topped) mountains to the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world – Angel Falls. Do you fancy a coast to coast adventure? Take the outdoor lovers’ dream tour, which includes a daring hike to the top of a volcano and a peek deep into its breathtaking crater.

Whichever tour takes your fancy, take advantage of the experience and expertise offered by a reliable travel agency to ensure you enjoy the very best of South America overland tours.

Safety as standard

With safety and enjoyment at the very heart of the company ethos, you can relax confident in the knowledge that everything is covered while you make the most of your time in South America. Having the appropriate travel insurance is an important aspect of this, of course, with a tailored insurance policy to suit your individual needs the best option. Agencies such as Oasis Overland Adventure Travel take this very seriously; as a result, it has teamed up with specialist insurance broker Campbell Irvine to provide you with comprehensive cover.

South America overland tours provide travellers with an experience they will never forget. Take a look at what this amazing continent has to offer and find your perfect tour today.