When you go to work with your new MacBook for your studies, it will be in the beginning looking for how you can work most efficiently with MacBook. To make things easier for you, we have selected six apps for you. In this way you start organized and enjoy the new academic year.

1. Pages, Keynote and Numbers from Apple

When you turn on your new MacBook, you’ll see that Apple already has some useful programs and apps ready. These programs are included in MacOS software. Three useful programs that you can use are Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Pages is the word processing program from Apple, which allows you to create the most beautiful text documents in pre-made formats . With Keynote you make the presentation of the year and in Numbers you easily  compose complete sheets with handy formats for graphs and tables.

2. Microsoft Office

If you prefer to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint instead of Apple programs, then the complete package of Microsoft Office is for you. The programs work the way you’re used to, only certain settings are in a different location and the design has been adapted for MacBook. Office is also useful when you need to share documents with fellow students or teachers who do not have a MacBook, but need to be able to edit the document.

3. Evernote for all your ideas

Evernote is one of the apps with which you organize your academic year . With Evernote you keep all your notes in a handy overview. For example, make a note about an idea for an essay and upload a PDF document that you found on the internet to get further inspiration. What is handy is that Evernote can be automatically synchronized with your iPad or iPhone. So you have all your notes always at hand.

4. Slack for optimal group communication 

Within many studies it is customary to work on large assignments in project groups. This means that there must be good communication within the group: who does what, where, with whom and when should it be finished? To make communication as smooth as possible, the Slack app exists. Slack can be used as an internal communication tool for your project group or class. You can easily share documents and images in different channels. You can also personally approach someone via Slack, so that you can discuss one-on-one about how you will tackle an assignment.

5. Wunderlist to forget nothing more

Studying can sometimes be quite hectic. You follow multiple courses in a period and you have all your deadlines in one week. In addition, there are also things that still have to happen outside of your study, such as shopping and working. An academic year can therefore be busy, so you can sometimes forget something. With Wunderlist you can create different memory lists. For example, you make a list for your study, work and home and you can get a notification of this if something needs to be done. The useful thing is that you can share the task lists with multiple people. For example, you share the shopping list with your roommate.

6. Apple Music or Spotify while studying

A study would not be a study without exams and hours of blocks. While learning for a test or making a report, it can be nice to listen to music. To enjoy many playlists with themes and songs, you can choose Apple Music * or Spotify *. Apple Music is included in the iTunes program, which is already on your MacBook and the Spotify app can be downloaded via the Internet. That way you work on your deadlines in peace.

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