Consoles, also known as game consoles, are an accessible and easy way to play the latest games. For example, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo offer the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, but how do you know which console suits you best? What should you pay attention to and what are the different plus and minus points of the different consoles? This buying guide compares the different consoles with each other and gives a number of tips, so that you can conquer virtual worlds in no time!

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4, often abbreviated to PS4, is Sony’s game console. Almost all new games come out of this console, from the latest FIFA to Call of Duty. Sony itself has many internal teams where several exclusive games are made that are not available on any other console. These games are often very cinematic, full of interesting characters and a spectacular story. Think of games like Uncharted and God of War. Because the PlayStation 4 is the current market leader, the console of all consoles has the widest range of games. It is the only console with virtual reality support in the form of PlayStation VR. When you buy a PlayStation 4, you can purchase the PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro. The latter is more powerful and can play games in a 4K resolution on a suitable television.

Xbox One

The Xbox Oneis Microsoft’s console and has many of the same games as the PlayStation 4. Again you play games like FIFA and Call of Duty, and just like Sony, Microsoft has a number of internal studios that work on exclusive game series, for example the Forza series and of course the famous shooter franchise Halo. In addition, many of the games that came out on Xbox 360 and the original Xbox are playable on the Xbox One, sometimes with improved graphics. Games that Microsoft itself publishes, you can often play both on Xbox One and on the PC. Finally, you can take out a subscription to Xbox Game Pass for € 9.99 per month, so that you can play many of the new games at no extra cost as long as you keep this subscription. You can buy the Xbox One Slim or Xbox One X. The latter is the most powerful console available at the moment and, like the PlayStation 4 Pro, shows games in 4K resolution. If you like blu-rays, you should buy an Xbox One X or Xbox One S. They both have a 4K blu-ray drive, so you can watch the latest movies in this resolution.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is the newest Nintendo game console. It is a so-called hybrid console, which means that you can connect the device to your television, but can also simply take it with you and play games on the screen of the device. So it is actually a console and a handheld in one. The console does not get all the latest games that appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Opposite are the games from Nintendo itself, which are often of high quality and well-known – like Mario, Zelda and Splatoon. Many of these games are also suitable for the whole family, while games on other game consoles are regularly meant for adults only. There is only one version of the Switch available, so there is no confusion.

Nintendo 3DS

The 3DSis the only real ‘handheld’ that is important nowadays. The device does not connect to television: you play on the screen of the console itself. That way you can play with it everywhere. Because the handheld is available for years, there are hundreds of games available for all ages that are often also relatively cheaper than games on other platforms. However, the 3DS is the least powerful device of all consoles. In contrast, the device – without the need for special glasses – can play games with a 3D effect, making it seem like objects or characters come out of the screen. There is also a cheaper 2DS available, for people who do not consider this 3D effect important.

Older consoles

In addition to the games mentioned above, older consoles are also available for a cheaper price, such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and the handheld PlayStation Vita. These consoles are so cheap because almost no new games come out. However, the devices run behind graphically and the latest games are not available, but you still have the opportunity to sell your old, out-dated, refurb console at Tech.Trade.

The different consoles are all worth having in-house, but also offer unique features that may best suit your lifestyle. There is therefore no one best console to designate. Instead, you have to see which console is best for you. Xbox and PlayStation are great entry-level models for people who want to get to know gaming.