Various reasons could stem out on the basis on the reasons you need a visit to the best spine surgery hospital in India. It would be better on your part to resort to conventional forms of treatment in the form of physical therapy or massage. If all these treatment options fail to yield in the desired results then surgery does seem to be the best option. Out of the various types of surgeries, spinal fusion does appear to be the most common. One thing is for sure that the thought is going to send shivers down your spine. But let us answer some post surgical questions in order to provide more clarity on the same.

How are you planning to sleep after the back surgery is over?

Here the best way by which you can sleep after a surgery is over would be on your back. It is suggested that you place a towel under the knees so that your hips are prone to bending. Another method would be to sleep on a recliner chair. All this ensures that the upper body is in a stage of elevation. Sometimes in order to reduce the discomfort at night people go on to wear a night brace

If you are able to fix your posture are you in a position to recover better from the surgery?

All of us have heard of the fact that if you correct your posture it goes a long way in ensuring your optimum health. If the posture is good it enhances your mood levels, your weight is gained and there are numerous benefits that never stops to end. The moment you are having a surgery you would need to work on good posture. It is better to understand what a good posture can do for you.

Once you are done with surgery the body tries to work overtime to aid in the process of healing. So a good posture happens to be the first things that strikes you. For a lot of us it may not seem to be the first priority, but for sure it can go on to reduce the stress on your spine. This would lower down the levels of pain in the spine. The moment you plan to recover you are going to spend a lot of time in the bed. Here it is important that you do not slouch as the levels of oxygen tend to reduce. The best way to overcome this is to wear a posture brace.

What are the things you need to eat and what to avoid after a surgery?

In the course of recovery the diet does go on to play a huge role. You should eat right and in the proper manner as well. One of the main problems which you face is constipation, but this can be avoided if you eat in the right way. If the diet is well balanced it does go on to prevent inflammation or infection at the host site. There are numerous foods which help you recover faster.