But does it take the hassle out of switching between Apple devices?.

This wireless keyboard has a trick up its sleeve. It can pair over Bluetooth with up to three devices at once. This means you can use the same keyboard with your Mac, iPhone and iPad, but instead of having to pair again each time you switch from one device to another, you can toggle between them using the three Bluetooth buttons. A fourth button lets you switch to a cabled USB connection, so you could use it with your Mac and three Bluetooth devices. Unlike the otherwise-similar Logitech Easy Switch Keyboard, this one is a fullsized offering with a numeric keypad, though it lacks Easy Switch’s backlit keys. Also included is a foldaway stand for your iPad or iPhone.

The Multi-Sync Keyboard is easy to set up, with no drivers or software needed. Physically, it bears a resemblance to Apple’s keyboards, but its build quality isn’t as good. Instead of brushed aluminium, it’s made of plastic. It feels comfortable to type on, though, and has a good range of function and media keys, including an iOS home button. It’s slightly higher off the desk than Apple’s full-sized model, and if you prefer your keyboards to be set at a sharper angle, there’s a pair of feet on the underside that can be folded out.


Works great with Macs and iOS devices, but we really wish it was brushed aluminium.


Sync with up to three devices

Wired connection option

Comfortable to type on


Build doesn’t match Apple’s

£70 Manufacturer Kanex, kanexlive.com

Connectivity Bluetooth 3

Compatibility Mac, PC, iOS devices

Requires 2 x AAA batteries or USB