Sri Lanka is famous for Ceylon tea. Ceylon was a British colonial island in the Indian Ocean and is also the erstwhile name of Sri Lanka. The name Ceylon indicates towards a part of land in Sri Lanka where Camellia Sinesis, a tea plant, is grown. Various types of green and black tea are produced in Sri Lanka which are known to prevent certain illness and boost health.

Lose Weight With A Cup Of Pure Ceylon Green Tea Every Morning

The benefits of Pure Ceylon Green Tea are well known among tea enthusiast all over the world as it burns excess fat in your body. Recently, the same fact has been propounded by scientific researchers also. Green tea helps to lose weight by decreasing your appetite and raising the metabolism in the body.

The right proportion of green tea intake has not yet been ascertained, but the above stated fact is being rejoiced by people globally. Green Ceylon tea comes from the leaves of a plant called Camellia sinesis. It is known to be highly effective in enhancing mental alertness and fighting against different kinds of cancer.

You should never forget that Caffeine is a fat reducing ingredient and is present in a large  variety of coffee as well as tea. By merely consuming two to three cups of green tea (almost 227 grams) having almost 25 miligram of caffeine, is a sufficient quantity to burn fat in the body.

The most powerful weight reducing ingredient in a green tea are antioxidants and polyphenols. EGCG also called anti oxidative catechins are present in large number in the green tea. A test group of males was tested with green tea consumption, they performed same amount of exercise and consumed same food, showed almost seventeen percentage of increased fat cell burning which were quickly absorbed by the blood. This has brought about a revolution in green tea market.

The biggest advantage is the fact that green tea has an important role to play in fat reduction. If you are consuming it on a regular basis, then you will notice the amazing results. The belly fat or the abdominal fat will reduce over the period of time.

Studies suggest that consumption of this healthy beverage on a day to day basis helps in getting rid of the fat cells.

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Also, you will feel more energized and fresh after enjoying a cup of this refreshing drink. You get to lose some weight while you are resting as calorie burning also happens side by side.

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According to studies, people who are having green tea on a day to day basis also have a reduced appetite. This is directly associated with weight loss.

 It is a well proven fact that if you are having green tea everyday, then you do not have any unbalanced hunger pangs. It can be rightly said that green tea is the best partner for all those who are conscious about their weight.