Do you love to travel to a beach? I do love going to beaches. Seasides have always been my favorite place for vacations, especially on summer. However, just like any other place you go when you are on a traveling trip, packing has already become one of theessential things. I always try to avoid overpacking because, well, I do not want to drag too much stuff on my bag. I want to enjoy the seaviewafterall!

There are many essential and important things that you should bring when you travel to a beach. Here is a guide what stuffs you should bring to the beach on your next traveling trip.

T-shirts and Shorts

No one wears long pants and suits on a beach. Go with some t-shirts and shorts. Get as many sunshine to your bare skin as you can. Pick light t-shirts and shorts that look polished, not dumpy. Also, do not forget to bring some plastic bags for these t-shirts and shorts, in case they got wet and sandy (and they will get wet and sandy, of course!). Bring at least two sets of t-shirts and shorts in case you need to change when you get wet either by your sweat or by the sea water.


How could you even imagine going to a beach without actually doing a swim in the sea? That is, wow, unimaginable. The first rule of going to a beach is that you must get wet there. That is it. So, you should also bring swimsuits so that you can easily jump into the water and feel the warmth of the sea water get heated by the sun. Oh, that is just heaven.

What kinds of swimsuits should you bring? There are many kinds of swimsuits on stores nowadays. I personally prefer the one with pockets in it, so that I can put my waterproof gadgets or electronic devices. Choose swimsuits that are made out of a mesh or nylon. Also, you may need to invest in a set of swimsuits that have a distinctive color, so when you need help from far of the seaside, people can notice you and lend you a helping hand.


If you love to do a little snorkeling, you can also bring your goggles. With a pair of goggles, you can see the creatures underwater. You can see many fishes or corals beneath the sea surface. Isn’t it lovely to see many colorful fishes go swimming under the water of the sea? Moreover, you can also bring a snorkel mask so that you can prevent yourself from a communicable disease like pinkeye from a tainted snorkel mask.

Sun Protection Lotion

Sun protection lotion or some people call as sunblock, is an important thing to bring when you go to a beach. Why? Because while you will get yourself exposed to lots of sunshine, you will have to protect yourself from getting burnt. Sun protection lotion is usually available in bottles or towelettes, making you easy to apply on your skin.