CBD has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years. Ranging from oils to certain foods, it’s been implemented in various products. One product that has seen a lot of positivity is CBD tinctures. A CBD tincture is a liquid supplement that helps people with their anxiety and pain. If you plan to buy CBD tinctures, there are a few things you should know first.

4 Things You Need to Be Ready for Before You Buy CBD Tinctures

You Must Take Them in Small Doses

CBD tinctures may be a great anxiety and pain reliever, but they need to be used sparingly. This is because CBD tinctures have a high concentration of alcohol, usually ranging from 60 to 70 percent. Although it’s not possible to overdose on CBD tinctures, the high amount of alcohol can have a significant negative effect on your health. Note, these tinctures are not psychoactive, which means you won’t feel the high people experience when they smoke or consume marijuana.

It’s Not the Same Thing as CBD Oil

A lot of people end up confusing CBD tinctures with CBD oil. The method of extracting the CBD is vastly different for oils and tinctures. CBD tinctures are made when someone soaks the plant in alcohol and water, which is then put on a low flame for a few hours. CBD oil, on the other hand, is made when the CBD is combined with a type of oil, such as coconut oil. Because of the difference in their bases, they cannot be consumed the same.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

There are many things in life where the quality isn’t determined by the price tag. CBD tinctures, however, are not one of them. Whether you’re using them for recreational purposes or as a type of therapy, never buy CBD tinctures that have an unbelievably low price. Some CBD tinctures do sell for a higher price point, and they are of higher quality.

Look at the Label First

Finally, the most important thing to do before buying CBD tinctures is thoroughly reading the label. Unfortunately, some manufacturers try to hide what’s in the tincture. Specifically, you won’t be able to tell how pure it is or how much cannabinoid is in it. To avoid being scammed when buying a CBD tincture for sale, check to see if the label has a Certificate of Analysis (COA). These are labels on the product that will tell you if the product is legit. They are often in a QR code format. You can also reach out to the manufacturer or seller to inquire about third-party testing they put their products before purchasing the product.

With how CBD tinctures are used, it is critical that you know that what you’re buying is a quality product. These tips are meant to help you better understand what’s involved when buying CBD tinctures.