In order to have a safe and healthy sexual life, it’s not enough to use condoms. You have to use them correctly. However, statistics say that up to three quarters of the population either doesn’t use condoms properly, or tends to be prone to major safe sex mistakes. Using a condom properly is the only way to prevent unintended pregnancies and avoid exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Luckily, using a condom properly is very simple. All you have to do is pay some attention and develop proper habits.

Most Common Safe Sex Mistakes - You May Be Making

Use the Condom Properly

Let’s start with the basics. Are you sure you know how to put the condom on properly. A lot of people tends to be sloppy when putting on a condom, thinking it’s good enough if it clings on, no matter how you snap, yank or roll it on. First thing is first. Make sure the condom you’re using has been properly stored and check the expiration date from time to time to make sure it hasn’t expired. Yes, even condoms have expiration dates, usually running from 2 to 5 years. You should always wait for the penis to be fully erect before you put the condom on in order to be sure it will fit properly and stay in place during intercourse.

The condom should roll down easily, reaching the base of the penis. If you’ve put it upside down, it won’t unroll all the way. Also, once you’ve put it wrong, don’t turn it around and start again because it can have traces of pre-ejaculate on it. Use a new one.

The condom has to have space left in the tip in order to properly capture and contain the sperm. For that reason, the tip of the condom is called the reservoir. Squeeze the tip when putting the condom on. Imagine covering up a faucet with your hand and turning on the water. You’re in for a splash. It’s the same with ejaculating in a condom without the space left on the tip. Besides spillage, you’re risking for the condom to break. And that isn’t safe at all. Just to make sure, you’re getting it right, take a look at this video and get tips on using a condom properly: 

Don’t Tear the Condom Open with your Teeth

A condom wrapper can be a nasty thing to open, especially when your hands are sweaty, or you’re rushing to get to action. Using sharp objects like knives or scissors can damage the super thin material condom is made of. A single tiny break can be enough to cause unplanned pregnancy. In many cases, people tear the condom wrapper with the teeth, which equally wrong as using a knife. Using a condom properly is easy when avoiding shortcuts.

That is only one example of pre sexual behavior that can damage the condom. About 29% of condom users report breakage, most of which is caused by simple errors in handling. Safe sex mistakes can easily be avoided when you get the basics right. You can find more tips on how to avoid condom usage mistakes and have a happier sex life here:

Wear the Condom from Start to Finish

To all of you casual condom users – no, it’s not enough to put it on in the finale. That is one of the most common safe sex mistakes. Using a condom properly means the condom needs to be worn the whole time you’re having sex in order for it to be safe. During the intercourse, certain quantities of semen can be released, which can lead to pregnancy. Not to mention the risk unprotected of STD-s. Put it on before you start and keep it on until you finish. You can find more about the studies made on the topic here:

Lubricants can Cause Condoms to Tear 

If you like to lube up your sexual experience, make sure you know what your lube is made out. Oil or petroleum based lubricants like massage lotions or mineral oils cause damage to condoms making them break. The best way to deal with that issue is minding the ingredients on your lube when first buying it. Make sure you go for water-based or silicon-based lubricants.

A drop or two of lube in the condom before putting it on is a common habit amongst many people. That can work and even enhance the love making sensation, but only if you’re certain what kind of lubricant you’re using. Otherwise, a drop or two can be enough to cause a small break. Small enough for thousands of spermatozoids to get out in the worst possible moment. Handle with care.

When you’re done, Take the Condom Off 

An important factor in avoiding safe sex mistakes is the awareness that you need to remove the condom soon after you finish the act. Most male population loses the erection soon after ejaculating, making the penis shrink, and increasing the room in the condom, making it possible for semen to spill out or even slip off. It doesn’t have to be measured in seconds, rather in your own time, but make sure you remove the penis with the condom intact in time. When taking the condom off, you have to be careful to prevent spillage. Best thing to do it is hold the rim as you pull the penis out, as well as you take the condom off. When you do that, the proper way to throw it away is by tying a knot in the end before you throw it in the trash.

Enjoy Your Sex Life

Condoms are the best and by far the most convenient way of enjoying the intercourse without the fear for your or your partner’s safety. Although there are many protection means, condoms are the most popular choice for several reasons:

  • Condoms prevent pregnancy and STD’s
  • They can be used for all types of intercourse
  • They can be used in combination with other birth control methods
  • They are cheap, easy to get and carry around

In order to enjoy a healthy sex life and protect your and your partner, make sure to avoid safe sex mistakes by using a condom properly. You can find all the information on condoms you need on the best condom website: