Stress, excess partying, or moving to another country can cause weight gain. Don’t bother with diets, most of them won’t work and can cause health or mental problems. Don’t get discouraged; try a painless and easy life hack known as color therapy. There have been many articles written on this latest study. As references by Carolanne Wright, 2012, different colors have different influence on your behavior and have different impact. The research determined that by painting your walls in the right color, you could feel and see an immediate impact by feeling better and eating less. So grab your paint brushes and pick the color that is best suited to you.

Consider the following colors for your house:


When painting your house or room in grey, be very careful, it may cause depression. Grey is associated with up-tight office facilities which often put great strain on your psyche. However grey is great for those who do not know portion control and tend to over-eat. In order to get great results use professional painters who are equipped with all the necessary equipment and skills. Grey is not a forgiving color any mistake or uneven layer will show prominently. Paint your kitchen in gray which will help you in portion moderation.

Lose Weight Through Color Therapy!


Painting your living room in light and dark blue can have a great impact upon your mood. Blue is a cool relaxing color that gives off a relaxing feeling. It’s a great color for those who are under a lot of pressure and tend to eat their emotions. By painting your dining walls in a cool or dark blue you will be triggering your mind to suppress your appetite. Use a mix of light and dark blue if you are suffering from emotional eating in order to curve your appetite and reverse the stress impact. Get a professional painter to have a great panel design and get the maximum impact out of your color balance.


If you have been under the weather lately and no longer have the same energy, try painting one wall in yellow. Yellow is a very strong color, it’s not advised to paint the entire room with yellow. Having a feature wall however, increase your overall feeling of happiness which in term strengthens your immune system. If you are skeptical about painting an entire wall in yellow, paint a small chair or a ladder, your main objective is to have a yellow accent or feature in order to increase your mood.


If you are feeling powerless, lost and starting to engage in emotional eating then think about painting you walls in orange. Orange color has shown to stimulate mental activity and release endorphins which make you happy and healthy. You are more likely to feel more engaged and this will reduce your emotional eating habits.

Remember blue plates will help you eat less. Don’t forget if you are hiring painters to paint your walls make sure to check customer reviews and credentials. Combine the colors and experiment. Find what suits you. You can visit independent review sites such as to find professional painters and painter reviews: