There are several ways to weight lose but not all are effective and most require some time to see results, so here we tell you how to lose a couple of kilos a week and reach your ideal weight.

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Before starting any weight loss procedure is important to visit your doctor for your health, you must also keep in mind that dieting to lose weight in a week will make you lose a lot of 1-2 kilos depending body.

Set Goals

The first step to lose weight in a week is to set realistic goals, planning is your best friend to achieve your goals, think about how many kilos you want to lose? How soon? Be realistic, because if you raise a target physically impossible to reach very soon going to frustrate.

Drink Water

Water not only serves to hydrate, but it helps the body in multiple functions, also helps you control hunger and is an indispensable assistant to lose weight, you always try to bring a bottle of water and if you find it hard to drink 2 liters daily, see setting amounts gradually to reach your goal.

5 Meals

Contrary to suspend food, it is best 5 meals, 3 full and two snack low preference in calories, like an apple, vegetables or yogurt, it is also important to take at least 15 minutes to eat, you may rest one little food and then return to your activities, you will help with digestion.

How To Lose Weight In A Week

Physical Activity

Although diet you make is wonderful, exercise can not miss, even walk a little, climb stairs or if you prefer to make more full routines, but by no means can skip this step, which is very important for weight loss and time will make you feel much better.

Reduce Calories

It can be very difficult to count calories or just know how much we consume the day but this form will be easier to control what you eat and reduce weight faster if you do not know how to do it can come with a nutritionist and search the internet, so you can know how many calories your body needs to stay each day, ideally lose about 200 calories, and if you do not see the results you expect, low 100 calories and begin to notice improvement, and will be easier to burn the body’s reserves.

Plan your Meals

Another highly recommended to lose weight in a week, this way you stick on to a menu and will be, easier to follow the diet, it is recommended for you to create your meals Based on the plate of good food for you to include vegetables, meat, grains and dairy in your diet.


Metabolism is the key to losing weight because it is the one that is responsible for processing food, for it consume foods rich in fiber to help with digestion and your body work faster which promotes weight loss.

Avoid Desserts

They say beauty costs and in the case of lost kilos is a very clever slogan, if you want to lose weight in a week, it is best to sacrifice those desserts that you love, change them for some fruit or vegetables and even a drink, but if you find it difficult to let them start slowly and try some low fat snack.

Controlled Reactions

Conduct a diet does not mean stop eating certain foods, if you want to reach your goal you have to do is control the portions you eat, i.e. if every day you ate a piece of bread, try to eat only twice week, so not only you will lose weight if not you will create a new eating habit.

In order to achieve your goal and get rid of those most important other kilos is the discipline and dedication, do not buy with others, remember that your body is different from others and responds differently, focus on you and gradually see results.

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