Thinking that it’s time to lose some weight? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time reading some fast weight loss tips or how to lose weight fast articles and have been trying to put together fast weight loss plans. To make it simple, we can say that to be able to lose weight fast, we need a comprehensive plan that consists of proper fast weight loss meal plans, exercise plans, and also some additional supplements like diet pills that work.

Short Reviews Of Various Diet Plans

Among these three elements, diet is deemed as the most important part by most experts. It’s said that fast weight loss diet contribute to 60-80% weight you can lose in a weight loss plan.

But there are so many kinds of diets available, so which one is the best diet to choose? Basically all diet plans are good as long as you’re doing it correctly, but these diet plans have different characteristics that maybe not suitable for everyone.

Below are some of the most popular diet programs that have helped a lot of people lose weight. These are just short reviews to highlight some of their main characteristics.

The Atkins Diet

This is a high protein-low carb diet. Basically you’re allowed to consume many delicious foods including meat and vegetables. Fruit is kept to a minimum, while grain products are restricted. Many people have achieved fast weight loss with this diet, but many experts say this is good for short-term plan, while it can be harmful for longer term because your body won’t have enough fiber and calcium while it can be high in fat.

Weight Watchers

This diet system works on a point system. These points fuction like allowance that you can spend to “buy” foods. Foods in different categories have different “price”. The “cheapest” foods are in vegetables and whole grain category, while high fat foods are the most “expensive” ones.

Protein Diet

Fast weight loss protein diet is a very high protein diet with low carbohydrate. Much like Atkins diet, it allows foods like meats and other high fat foods and limit the consumption of vegetables and fruits. It’s high in fat (saturated fat) and low in calcium.

The Carbohydrate Addict’s

This is also a low carb diet that allows grain products, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats, but all other carbs are restricted.

The Choose To Lose

Low fat diet that basically allows you to consume foods from all the major food groups. However, you are given a limited “fat budget” that you can spend.

The DASH Diet

This diet is allowing high carb consumption as well as moderate amounts of protein and fat. It follows the food pyramid principles but encouraging more fruits and vegetables.

The Eat More Weigh Less Diet

This is an extremely low fat diet. Mostly it just allows you to eat fruits, vegetables, egg whites, non-fat dairy products, beans, and whole grains. It’s a very strict diet that requires high discipline and might be difficult to follow by beginners.