The healthcare industry is a rapid growing field and positions in this field are always in demand. Unfortunately, people always get sick and this career choice is one that will always have positions available. Specifically, three benefits to nurse’s aide training is that you are put in a position where you can help those in need, it offers a great pay, and it opens doors for advancement into other positions within the healthcare field.

To start, being a nurse’s aide allows you to be in a position or job in which you can care for those in need. Knowing that you are helping someone who is sick is a rewarding feeling. It not only benefits the patients but it also benefits your own personal feeling of knowing you did a good deed. Imagine doing something so rewarding every day you go to work? Those who are sick in a hospital bed rely on the staff for their needs. A nurse’s aide would positively impact the recovery process of the patient if they are great at their job, have compassion towards the person, and has a caring attitude. Having these qualities goes a long way and makes the job that much more fulfilling.

Next, being a nurse’s aide offers great pay for the amount of training needed. On average, it takes about six months to a year to complete the training and in return you can have a successful career. The average nurse’s aide earns between eight and fourteen dollars and even more if they work overtime hours.

Another benefit is that it opens doors for other positions in the healthcare field. Many start off being a nurse’s aide but then go back to school to enter a nursing program to become a Registered Nurse. This is something that’s beneficial because you can use the experience from working as a nurse’s aide. Having the background, familiarity, and experience as a nurse’s aide will make the transition to a nurse much easier. The nurse’s aide works under the supervision of the Registered Nurse but if they advance to become an RN then they will do more advanced tasks, they have much more responsibilities, and have more autonomy in the everyday tasks for the day.

Training to become a nurse’s aide has its benefits like great pay, helping those in need, and being able to advance in your career. Many work at a nine to five job, without a college degree and have nothing to fall back on if they get fired. Within just six to twelve months someone can become a nurse’s aide and have a career.