It’s true to say that there are very few families who couldn’t do with having more money available. The hard facts are that sometimes inflation rates are higher than governments plan and sometimes they are lower, but even a low rate of inflation still means that you have to find more cash this year than you did at the same time last year! And then there are the unexpected jolts to the system – the brakes fail on the car, the damp spreads over your bedroom ceiling. Need we go on – you can doubtless write your own list (from bitter experience!) all too easily.

Anyway, to make you all feel better, here are a few easy to achieve steps, which will get the cash flowing inside your family and begin to make you all happier about life.

Tip No. 1: Get tough with yourself.  Self-discipline is hard but it is much less embarrassing than being told what to do by someone else. Look down your household budget and see what you could do without! There is bound to be something – take out a DVD rather than a trip to the movies, dine well at home rather than badly at a quick food shop. And why not make this the time to give up on the smokes.

Tip No. 2:  Get rooting in the attic and the basement. You may not find hidden treasure but you would be amazed how collectible somethings can be. Baseball programs, old film magazines, stamps – get them on line and on sale.

Tip No. 3:  Start a small business that all your family can help out in.  Dog walking.  Car cleaning. Garden tidying. Lawn trimming.  The dollars will soon add up.

Tip No.4:  And if you need a capital boost in a hurry after trying out the first three, a car equity loan brings you fast cash (between $2501 and $20,000) in less than an hour.

Good hunting!