If you don’t care to become an elementary school teacher, but you’re interested in a career working with children and families, you have plenty of options in degree programs. Consider an interdisciplinary degree in family studies to expand your career opportunities.

A Family Studies Degree covers theory and research, so you’re prepared to make an amazing impact in your future. You can customize your degree to focus on a particular age group that interests you, or areas of challenge, like child phycology. You may even pull from your own interests based on your experience with your own culture and family. You might be surprised at the careers you could have with a Family Studies Degree. Here are some of the more unusual options for you to consider:

Human Resource Specialist

Managing the paperwork for employees from the moment they’re hired requires knowledge of people and business law. The HR specialist is an employee advocate, a trusted resource for the management team, multi-talented and overall go-to person for the company.

Sales and Marketing

Work with companies in product development, manufacturing, consumer service and much more. Your experience in Family Studies gives good insight as a researcher or consultant.

Social Services

Family Studies is a viable resource for employees working in foster care or adoption agencies, home and long-term care facilities, substance abuse and prevention programs and military family support services. Which area interests you most? With so many choices, your opportunities are vast.

Government and Legal Services

Use your degree to become an advocate and policy-maker for children and families. Many federal employment agencies value employees that have had prior education to understand complex relationships. Legal agencies, consumer safety organizations and legislative organizations provide you with even more opportunities.

Educational Services

The need for employees with Family Studies experience is big in education, from preschool through graduate school. Some positions may need advanced schooling or certification, such as school counselor or educational researcher, but a Family Studies degree gets you well on the road to a great job.

Community Organizations

Community non-profits that focus on families are a good place to build your resume and get personal satisfaction in your work. You can become a specialist for job placement services or adult education programs, find a job with a faith-based organization, or have fun with your local recreational department.

Whatever your area of interest, a Family Studies Degree can get you the education you need for a satisfying career. From babies to senior citizens, from families facing challenges to families seeking higher education, your degree is in high demand in many different areas.

To learn more about your options in Jackson, MS, visit the Child Development and Family Studies page at Jackson State University.