The Jabra/GN Netcom Wireless Headset Systems is a pair of smart headsets that offer you greater stability and use when it comes to daily communication. These headphones offer premium features. These headphones are easy to use to use and comes with extreme comfort. Wearing these headphones will not only help you to enjoy your daily work, but also gives you the chance to multi-task which is a great addition. This will help you to save time and finish the job quickly while on the phone.

Product Specification

The Jabra/GN Netcom Wireless Headset Systems offer several great features which sets it apart from all the other headset systems which are available in the market today. These include the great Jabra Safetone technology. This unique feature reduces background noise and offers crystal clear voice.

These headphones also offer three different designs which will help you to wear it the way you want. The first one is the headband style, this is the style which is most popular and it goes over the head giving you hassle free experience while using the headphones.

The second is the earhook style; this style keeps the headset hook to your ear and doesn’t include any bands giving you extreme comfort and easy mobility.

The last one is the neckband style, this style is also popular and it goes around your neck and the head sets sit softly on your ears. You get auto sleep option which will make the headset go off to sleep after a certain period of time if it is not used.

Special Features

These great headphones offer quality consistency with every delivery. You will not have to worry about any connection breaks as they provide crystal clear connection always. This results in effective conversation. They are extremely comfy to use as well.

A single charge on these headphones last for an approx of around 9 hours which is a long time. Also the standby mode lasts for a little more than 36 hours. You get the docking port which acts as a base and you can just add any new headset to the system by connecting it to the docking port. That is all it is going to take for you to set up the headphone. The light weight designs and the wonderful price factor make it a must buy.


You should definitely go for these amazing Jabra Wireless Headset Systems since they offer a great value for money product. You will be extremely satisfied with how these headsets operate. They look stylish and work well. The connectivity is very good and the radius of these headsets is quite large, stretching up to almost 35 feet. This makes them a steal at the price. Go for them today and see what you have been missing out.