Everybody has heard of LED TVs, but not many people really know the most important advantages these kinds of TVs and displays can give. True LED displays, for instance, are different from typical LCD displays using LED backlighting – with a true LED display, an actual module or panel of LED is used, rather than an LCD panel which simply uses LED back lighting. But putting these technological considerations aside – what are the most basic benefits of an LED display you should know about?

A slimmer style and design

LED displays are often a lot slimmer than LCD displays, for the simple reason that LED displays can be designed to be thinner and slimmer, and more lightweight as well. LED displays are not as bulky as their LCD counterparts, and they are a better option when you have limited space.

A brighter, better image overall

With an LED display, you can also benefit from brighter, better images overall. The contrast ratio provided by an LED display is much better than LCD displays, making for brighter images for your important videos and content. The colours are bolder and richer, and the quality of the images is second to none.

In addition, LED displays can actually produce images which are freer from ‘flicker’ compared to LCD displays – which also improves the viewers’ visual experience as it reduces eye fatigue and strain and is less likely to lead to headaches.

A better lifespan

With an LCD display, you have fluorescent lighting which can have a much shorter lifespan than most, especially if the LCD display is used continuously. In fact, LCD displays are often known for becoming ‘dimmer’ over time. With LED displays, however, this type of problem is all but obliterated. Even the most standard LED display lasts longer than an advanced LCD display, and the images will remain strong, clear, and steady throughout.

A more flexible option

LED displays nowadays can be custom-designed according to what you need – whether you need a free standing LED display or one that is suspended from floor to wall or from the ceiling. Whatever size you need, you have a lot more options from which to choose. The format is also quite flexible when it comes to an LED display – you can choose to have a normal screen format, an extended portrait format, or a landscape format. LED displays, especially those made by professional companies, are also much easier to set up and install than before. And, what’s more, LED displays today can actually be used outdoors. This in itself already makes LED displays the much better option. With enhanced flexibility, better quality, and more options, it’s not surprising why a true LED display is a better choice.