If you are at airport parking tullamarine and looking for parking, you should have a prior idea of the same. If you are a new comer, you can always take the help of airport authority staff members for the same. The congestion is so high at the place that provides a real challenge as where to park your vehicles and fly out of Melbourne. You can always make the informed decision by getting in touch with the staff members of the airport. There are also several service providers that provide you with slightly different kind of services. So, you need not look anywhere else if looking to park your car. However, you can always ask for extra services or convenience while looking for parking. These services includes car servicing and washing while you are away. You can always ask for the budget pricing for your parking also.

Categories of Parkings

Long term or Short term parking– There are many people who are looking for long term and short term parking’s as according to their needs. The major fact is that all the operators have both kinds of parking’s as like long term as well as short term parking. The important question also lies with the fact that whether the vehicles are under cover or out in opens. This will surely determine the pricing of your stay also.

You can always ask for bookings for your flights as per your needs. These bookings are all available with the internet. The important challenge is to search for the best operator that suits your needs. Melbourne airport is also recognized as “Tullamarine Airport”, which is the second busiest airport in Australia after Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. The airport is recognized all over the place also due to its international flights. There are total of four airports available that usually serves the city of Melbourne. The three other airports include “Essendon”, “Moorabbin” and “Avalon” as well.

The airport parking tullamarine is located near the suburb of Tullamarine, which is 23 km away from the city of Melbourne. The entire area surrounding the place is named after “Tullamareena” which is also spelled most of the times as “Dullamarin’.

The airport handles more than 26,000,000 passengers and 200,000 aircraft on a yearly basis. There are five and a half million international travelers travelling the place every year. The remaining of them is domestic and located from other airports within Australia. The airport has been ranked by the International Air Transport Association among the top five airports list in the world. So, due to the high people movement at the place, traffic has always been an important issue.

Several people are using the taxi in spite of using their own cars. However, a majority section of people still prefer to travel with their own vehicles and usually find parking for them as safe place while they are away. Melbourne’s airport parking is often recognized among the passengers for their best parking spots. Parking helps in earning more than 20 % of the airport annual revenue needs.