Be the witness of some gorgeous and breathtaking models of architecture on the streets of most fascinating city Istanbul. If we talk about the past of Istanbul then it was quite illustrious but still the city has no museums, but you could find the most visible evidence of history at Caddesi. The place is wonderful in days, but after setting sun it becomes more glamorous. You would not believe but many night clubs and pubs keep going until the day breaks. You can visit the world’s oldest mall and can add some different colors of shopping in your trip. Stroll to the local markets for the best deals and great foodies. Istanbul is famous for the art and music, so take out some time to enjoy theatres and shows. Overall, Istanbul is a great city and offers plenty of things to do for visitors, let’s take a count.


Treasures of Sultanahmet

Istanbul is renowned as the historical centre consist various monuments, palace, mosque etc. The most amazing thing about these places is that they all are beautifully designed and even people get mesmerized after taking a first glance. Some must visit places of Istanbul are: the Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Byzantine Hippodrome and Haqia Sophia. So, don’t miss the chance to visit all listed places.

Cruise Ride along the Bosphorus

One of the best ways to explore Istanbul is by water. Most of the palaces, cafes, restaurant, mansions and nightclubs come along the length of Bosphorus. All you need to manage a cruise ride from Bosphorus and then you will be on a great journey with a new fun and experience. Here you would easily get a ferry or private cruise which will take you for a tour. There are various options available depending on what you would like to see and what are you willing to pay.

Shopping Time

Your wallet is really going to empty because you wouldn’t stop yourself to buying things. Have some patience and head yourself to one of Istanbul’s local market. All you would see is the majestic beauty and crowd. Many shop-keepers offers best deals to get maximum customers and you would love to buy some beautiful ancient things. Each and every corner of market is sounded by some great things and here you would get almost everything such as sweets, spices, clothes, handicrafts etc.

Meyhane- a Traditional Turkish Tavern

Want to experience something unique then add some more vibrant stars in your night at Istanbul by heading at Meyhane as it is one of the best places of the city which offers a great combination of dining, drinks and music. Every night a celebration organize at this place and believe me you would love this place.

Prince’s Island

Istanbul is quite warm city and when the heat gets too much you can head to Prince’s Island, to spend some time in relax and rest. Here you would get everything you desire to spend a great day whether its food, café, drinks, parties, rides etc. So, check it out and spend a great day.

Istanbul is an attractive place and offers some magnificent things to the visitors. Take a break and plan a trip with your friends to Istanbul. Have a wonderful trip ahead.

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