Being the capital of a country with a rich history, Manama has diverse attractions that draw tourists to it. Some of the top places that tourists love to see include;

1.Bahrain National Museum

Opened in 1988, the museum is the most popular tourist attraction in Bahrain. Most of its exhibitions provide an insight into the country’s history. For instance, the exhibit on Dilmun burial mounds is a clear illustration of what is hidden in the actual Dilmun Burial mounds. On the upper floor are two large rooms that are wholly dedicated to display of cultural history of Bahrain. This includes displays of traditional attire to local trade of the past. Tourists are charged 200fils at the entrance.

2. Al-Fatih Mosque

This is the perfect place in Bahrain to learn more about the Islamic culture. The mosque was built on reclaimed land in the 1980’s and has remained the largest building in the country to date. Informative guides are available at the mosque and those wishing to worship can join up to 7000 people for prayer.

3. Arad Ford

The fort was originally built in the 15th century and was later used as a military base by the Portuguese. It is easily accessible from Manama airport and is mainly composed of coral. Like the national museum, entering the fort requires a payment of 200fils.

4. La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

This gallery is the one place you’ll find contemporary art work by regional and international artists. The venue itself is a fine artistic design thanks to a signature fountain, covered colonnades and archways.

Manama: Beautiful Places To See Bahrain

5. Bab al-Bahrain

It is also known as the Gateway to Bahrain and was built in 1845. It was later rebuilt in 1986 incorporating a more appealing Islamic design. As of today, it houses the Tourist Department and still acts as a gateway to people, vendors and goods headed into Manama Souq.

6. Bahrain Fort Museum

The museum is home to an extensive collection of items collected in and around Manama. The museum is accessible from the city by taxi and entry costs about 500fils. Some of the exhibitions that are of special interest include art and snake bowls. An hour is enough time to tour all the exhibitions in the museum.

7. Beit al-Quran

This is also a good place to learn more about the Islamic culture as it contains an extensive collection of Islamic literature. Among the things you’ll find here are woodcarvings, manuscripts and Qurans.

8. Manama Souq

Though it has lost some of its original charm, it is still a good place to find authentic Gulf goods. Ranging from spices to souvenirs to household items to clothes, it is the perfect yourself a gift to back home.

9. Coral Bay

For those wishing to short boat rides or enjoying a few water sports like jet skiing or water skiing or diving, the perfect place to so would be Coral Bay. Of course, all these come at affordable prices.

10. Mezzaluna

If you want to enjoy some of the world’s best cuisine without necessarily losing sight of the beautiful city around, Mezzaluna is the place to be. The wine list is quite a catch too.
Sightseeing in Manama is quite fun if you know where to go. It is even more fun for those visiting the country from abroad for the first time. Bahrain evisas are however required to legalise entry into Bahrain.