Whenever anyone takes out the name of famous cities of Europe then name of Florence always comes in those few. Europe is renowned for cities and countries who gave some special attention to the art and architecture. Florence is one of the great art destinations of Europe and within the wall of the city you will find out some magnificent museums, monuments and churches which beautifully explain the glory of the city. The place has a wonderful variety of hotels, fine restaurants and wine bars. If you like to do shopping then it’s one of the best places to accomplish your dreams. The most interesting thing about the Florence is that as much you know the city, as much you recognize that still there is lot of things to explore and to see. Here you would find the greatest collection of Renaissance Art. Also this city is renowned as the foodie heaven. Florence is best to roam in every season; the climate always remains breeze and soft. Here I have some best things to do in Florence, let’s check it out.


Galleria degli Uffizi

If you want to see the world’s greatest collection of Renaissance paintings then you must visit the Galleria degli Uffizi. The architecture of building s magnificent and it was designed in mid 1500’s. This place is very much impressive and able to attract crowd from every corner of the world. This place is open all year around and you can visit between 8.15am to 6.50pm. So, spend some great time in Galleria degli Uffizi.

Museo del Bargello

If you want to take a look of the most important sculptures of Florence then probably you can visit this place. His place is also falls into the category of Art Gallery and Museums. It’s the best place to explore some ancient time of Florence. So, stay inside the museum and have a good time.

Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella is the most important Gothic church in Florence and you would get some great experience here. Church looks magnificent from outside and from inside it’s beyond explanation. The interiors of the place are amazing and you would get mesmerized after watching them. So, get ready to spend some good time.

Museo Galileo

As the name suggest the place will be related to the science or scientist. Yes, Museo Galileo, your next destination is a Science Museum. If you are taking your kids on holidays then I would suggest to must visit the place. It’s really a worth to visit, you will see some great invents and get information about their design and working. Explore some new ideas and spend half of a day here.

Whether it’s about the streets of Florence or the attractions, you would find something great behind all. I assure you, these places and the city will never feel you bored. The attractions, restaurants, art galleries are just few things, city has much to show. So, have a great holiday in Florence.

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