Are you planning a trip abroad anytime soon? Then you can make money while you’re away to fund that trip, making it much more affordable. It’s easier and quicker than you’d think. Here are five easy ways you can make some cash whilst traveling around the world.

Start a travel blog

There’s plenty of blogs out there, but you can find your niche. Do you have something new to say about where you’re traveling to? Are you traveling in an unusual way? Writing a blog can make you cash in advertising revenue, and sponsored blogs if you’re popular enough. It takes some time and effort, but if you can bring in the readers, you can bring in the money.

Freelance writing

There’s plenty of places online where you can start making a living by earning money. For example, there are lots of portals that now offer academic writing services. If you sign up with them, you work through an online portal, as the article “Write My Essay: The New Business Model Review” explains. That way, you can work wherever you are. Use to find the most profitable site to work for.

Be a travel photographer

You’re bound to be taking lots of photos on your travels. Why not sell them? There’s plenty of stock photography libraries that will pay you good money for your photos. If you’re good with a camera, this can be a good earner for you, without taking up much of your time.

Be a guide

If you’ve been in the area for a while now, you probably know it quite well. Why not become a guide? It’s easy to link up with tourists online, in order to give them private tours around popular tourist spots. Alternatively, you could hook up with a holiday company and lead tours that way.

Teach English

Teaching English is one of the oldest ways travelers have paid their way around the world. There’s always a demand for English teachers, so take a look and see who’s looking for a teacher in your location. Be advised, some places will require you to have certification. If you’re sure you want to teach while abroad, it’s well worth getting that certification before you go.

These five money making methods can get you far. Pick your favorites, or try them all as you travel. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can make.