A healthy and glowing skin is the result of a regular regime and a never ending commitment towards using the most beneficial and the best skin care products available in the market. Often whenever people talk about skin, the first thing that tends to pop in the mind of any individual is the face but skin care is something more than only face and extends to the entire body. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers of skin care products come up with various products ranging from face, hands to legs.

Factors Influencing your Skin Type

It is essential to first identify your skin type before you commit yourself into a particular brand or a skin care product. The first step you must keep in mind before self-identification of your skin type is – to forget all that you have heard about your skin before. Forget all that your beautician or expert advisor has told you about your skin and indulge yourself into the entire process of identifying your skin type. The factors that influence are –

  • The diet that you follow
  • The climatic conditions of the place you live n
  • Hormonal secretions
  • Genetical factors
  • Pollution
  • Your skin care regime
  • Medications that you are into
  • Work or personal pressure
  • The amount of exposure of the skin to sun

These factors have a major impact on your skin type. Once you identify your skin type, it then becomes easier to choose the right product among the best available in the market.

Common Assumptions of Skin Care Products that are not True

Below given are commonly believed myths about the best skin care products available –

  • It is commonly believed that the higher the price, the better the quality. This is not true for all brands and products. Through surveys, it has been found out that the best products with high quality are often not advertised much.
  • It is also believed that if a celebrity is endorsing a particular skin care product, the product has to be good or the celebrity is herself/himself using the brand. False again!
  • The sun screen lotions and creams containing SPF really keep you away from tan and sun burns. May be to an extent but not really do they help in keeping you off the tan.
  • A product labeled “naturally made” or organic is really made of natural substances and that they do not have any chemicals. It may contain few naturally made substances and more of chemicals

Key Points the Best Skin Care Products Focus On

If you are unable to identify if the product you use is the best look for the below given factors it because the best skin care products focus on the below points for sure –

  • They target on anti –ageing.
  • They contain lower levels of hyaluronic acid.
  • They focus on loss of elastin and collagen.

If your product does not have any of the above three factors, then you definitely must consider a change in the product.

Identifying the Best One Out of the Whole Lot

Now, this is the most part that anybody and everybody goes through because once all the products look alike and all the advertisers promise almost the same benefits. Thus, we must very cautiously choose the product focusing more on our skin type than on the brand or price. The best skin care product is the one which does not dry out soon and has zero side effects. Choose wisely for a healthy skin.