It’s relatively easy to stay healthy and fit when you travel to places like New York. Your hotel probably has a decent fitness center, running in Central Park is nearly required, and with so many niche restaurants and pop-ups around town, it’s pretty simple to indulge in healthy options. That’s fantastic, but what about when you’re headed to paradise? Can you really keep up with your exercise and healthy eating habits in a place like Hawaii, Costa Rica or Puerto Vallarta?

The answer is yes, but it might require a little more dedication. When you’re traveling in a huge metro where the weather is gray, rainy or snowing, you’re not tempted to bum it on a beach all day. If you’re heading to paradise, make sure you pack your workout gear and start thinking like a local. After all, how do you think those surfers and hula dancers stay in such great shape?

Try the Local Workout

There’s no better way to discover your destination than to get out there and do it. Take a surf lesson, swim in the ocean, hike up a volcano or rent a bike and explore the island. Just make sure you pile on that SPF and reapply every two hours. Experts like Men’s Health always tout the importance of shaking up your workouts for better results. Where better to do it than the tropics?

Eat Fresh, Seasonal, Local Produce

Surprisingly, pineapple (even though it’s very sweet) is very low in calories. While some places might be “known” for overly fried, fattening and rich foods, the locals usually only eat those on special occasion. Seek out the simple foods, perhaps from roadside stands, and steer clear of touristy restaurants. Plus, don’t forget to try out Lifehack’s tropical fruits that can save your life. Who knew eating local could be so healthy?

Work Out First thing in the Morning

It’s easy to get lazy once the day heats up and the beach is calling (and you’re potentially full of boozy cocktails). Commit yourself to working out as soon as you get up, whether it’s going to the hotel gym or an early morning swim. When you’re not on vacation, you work out when you can. However, there are many benefits to morning, fasted workouts (such as burning more fat).

Drink your Water

Not only will this make you feel fuller, it’ll keep you from getting dehydrated in all that heat. Aim for half as much water in ounces as your body weight.