If you have been looking on the internet for the best toothpaste you must have been given a lot of advice from various people. Some would ask you to go for herbal toothpastes while others will recommend the fluoride toothpaste. In most cases you will be told about fluoride toothpastes because they have been known for decades for their positive impact on teeth and preventive qualities when it comes to cavities. Their effects on cavities have been known worldwide but the excessive use of fluoride is something not known to everyone but is a major concern for many recent dentists and scientists.

Is A Toothpaste With Fluoride Always The Best Toothpaste?

If you search around on the internet and look for information about dentistry you will find out that holistic dentists are a great part of modern dentistry today. These are the dentists who talked about the connection of dental diseases with rest of the body. Later on this approach was approved by other scientists and dentists and today almost all the dentists are very close to being holistic dentists. This is very much likely that if you are in a holistic dentist’s clinic you will be told to use fluoride free toothpaste because ingestion of fluoride can cause problems in your body.

Even teeth can be badly affected by fluoride if it is taken in larger quantities and/ regularly. Even the small amounts can cause adverse effects on your teeth if you are using fluoride regularly and you could develop a common dental condition known as fluorosis that results in staining of your teeth and their discoloration on permanent basis. Almost all dentists believe now that since mouth is the opening that leads all foods and drinks into our body, this is also the opening for diseases and harmful agents to enter our body and start colonizing to cause us harm.

What you might call best toothpaste is one that keeps you safe not only from these harmful bacteria and microorganisms but also protect your teeth from hypersensitivity, bleeding, aches, discoloration and many other periodontal diseases. In the past, dentists would recommend you to use fluoride toothpaste and you as a patient would think that this is the best cure for your teeth. Today, things have changed and you have to be very specific in your choice of toothpaste. A person with no cavities in his teeth can freely go for fluoride free toothpaste.

Today, there are toothpastes that can prevent the attack of bacteria, tartar and plaque on your teeth for an entire day. They can also make you breathe fresh all day long. Many toothpastes are being made to prevent the periodontal diseases while others are functioning only to keep the teeth clean. You must meet your dentist first and know what the major issue with your teeth is and then choose the right toothpaste for them. Don’t be fooled by fascinating commercials on TV and know that the best toothpaste is one that relieves you of your dental issues. A toothpaste containing fluoride is not always the best for you.