Anthony Chen, the 29-years-old Singaporean director, scored the best picture award in Taipei, at the Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards on Saturday. This was a threshold start for the director, whose exclusive debut feature stepped ahead of numerous proclaimed titles in the Chinese-language cinema.

In the acceptance speech the Singaporean director mentioned the nominees as few of the most eloquent figures and great pathfinder for him, in the field of Chinese cinema. Most of the budgets of the films are low, and Chen did not expect a best picture prize for it. This has been an inspiring start-up, with his Camera d’Or win for Ilo Ilo at the Canes Film Festival. Chen’s directed film is the Singaporean official entry in the foreign language film category Oscar. He has also been signed into the talent Agency UTA at Hollywood.

In among few of the most honours programs in china, the Golden Horse Awards is considered as to hold a significant stand. With a contrasting long run of existence in the Chinese cinema, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Unlike the Oscar or France’s Cesars, jury at the Golden Horse Award ceremony is chaired by judges. For chen the jury was adjudicated by two-time Oscar winner Ang Lee.

Anthony Chen

Chen even bagged the award for the Best Debut Director and the Best Original Screenplay. Actress Yeo Yann Yann was nominated as to be the best supporting Actress in Ilo Ilo. Wong Kar Wai’s The Grandmaster also bagged numerous awards in 6 out of 11 key categories. Zhang Ziyi also acquired the best actress status in The Grandmaster including 4 other nominations.

The Grand jury award winner at Venice Film Stray Dog also received outstanding extol at the Golden Horse Awards. Tsai Ming-Liang the Malaysian director of Stray Dogs received the best director award. Even Lee Kang-shen of the movie bagged the nomination for best actor category in the meditative drama about underclass hardship.

The Chinese cinema Industry holds the Golden Horse Awards as the highest honorary program in Mainland China or Kong. Border perspective of growth in the Chinese-language film industry can be seen through a recorded number of 265 movies those of which are submitted for consideration towards the 2013 edition of the Golden Horse Awards.

Numerous other documentaries and movies under different categories held significant appearance with notable performance in different fields. Numerous box office records were also elaborated on, which are expected to pull an estimate of huge return with and since its release. Consecutive musical performances and concert, led by Mainland Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Hong Kong Singer cum actress Denise Ho and Taiwanese singer Tsai Chin punctuated the entire celebration with their most exclusive performance.