Halloween is not just the last, nostalgic bastion of childhood, but the perfect time to impress friends and acquaintances – or just the kids who come knocking at your door – with a creative and unique costume. Be confident, try to remain relatively tasteful (avoid racism and cultural appropriation, and keep in mind that horribly offensive photos can end up all over the internet and that your boss probably doesn’t want to see you in blackface makeup) and remember that store-bought is so sixth grade.

The Ironic

Whether you hate hipsters or are one yourself, take the stereotype to the extreme with thick-framed glasses, an ironic and meaningful (but still confusing) T-shirt, skinny pants, a mug of fair-trade coffee, and other appropriate accessories. Swing by your local thrift store, carry around a volume of beat poetry, and tell everyone they have never heard of the bands you listen to. If this seems a year or two outdated, just remember that being passé is ironically cool.

The Impending Hangover

Wear your normal clothes. Make Jello shots, preferably in closed containers for ease of transport, and then hand them out. (Please only do this if you, and those around you, are above legal drinking age.)

The Pun

Fergie isn’t the only Black-Eyed Pea who knows how to party! Use fabric markers, electrical tape, or paper to make a large letter “P” on your shirt, then use dark makeup to give yourself a fake black eye.

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For The Edgy Adult

The Twisted

Attach colored circles (or draw them) onto an all-white outfit and carry around a spinner from the classic party game “Twister”: you are now the playing mat. If you’re going to a party, club, or bar where it’s okay to be a little risqué, you can attach the circles to some, ahem, strategic areas on your body.

The Creepy

Do you want to go to a party, but know you don’t really want to talk to some of the people there?  Don’t just lurk in the shadows: Become a shadow by wearing a full-body, black morph suit and layering black clothing and accessories over it. Hover silently behind people and mirror their movements, or just hang out in a quiet corner with some friends.

The Combo Costume

Take two of the most common costume ideas – dead iconic celebrities and zombies – and combine them for maximum Halloween power. The possibilities are almost endless: You can go mainstream (Zombie Marilyn Monroe, Zombie Abraham Lincoln) or esoteric (Zombie Catherine De Medici). Other combinations can work as well: superheroes and princesses, cowboys and movie characters, or animals and aliens.

The Last-Minute Sci-Fi Laze

What’s more daring – and more comfortable – than staying in your pajamas all Halloween? Grab your comfiest PJs, a bathrobe, and a towel and you’re Arthur Dent from Douglas Adams’ A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Minimal effort, maximum fun – just don’t panic.

The Last-Minute Couple

Halloween sneak up on both of you? Switch clothes for the day or the party, and act as much like your significant other as you can. (If you both have similar styles, or swap clothes on a regular basis anyways, this might not be the best costume for you.)

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