A late Thursday night meeting was conducted by the Texas Board to verify and give consent over the new curriculum and text books, specifically the science text book for the classrooms across the state. The endorsement over few of the text books were hauled back, from getting approved.

Numerous statements revealed, about a Biology book from a renowned publication, were blocked due to unexpected errors in one of the lessons over the theory of Evolution.

Though numerous expert opinions, are presently verifying the actual errors in the lessons, as per the developed allegations. This has brought about a delay in the decision making process, and further verifications are being done by the Three board member committee who are again yet to appoint a trio of three external experts to examine the concern.

With Knowledge Comes Great Deal Of Responsibility

Efforts have been made to put in the subject in a manner that the Biology text book would need no major modifications or changes as expected across the state till 2022.

As per the specifications of the State law, the school districts hold the right to choose or select the best books, and curriculum for their students, over the list recommended by the Board of Education. Irrespective of the law being enacted since last two years, majority of the school, still tend to follow the old ritualistic recommendations of books and literature by the Board of Education.

The publication held back, holds major importance, adhering to the immensity of the effect that it holds over the circulation of books, across Texas in comparison to any other state in the country.

Numerous objections have been raised over the proposals of text books and literatures across Texas, by the new committees of Texas Volunteer reviewers. Most of these reviewers have been nominated by the Board of Education, both socially conservative current and former.

Numerous discrepancies clouded the atmosphere with ideas and views, over the texts and literature being used in the textbooks. Arguments were focused on the creativity in the sphere of biblical texts in science classes, with others putting up objection over the proposed climatic change theories over those of the scientific ones.

Unlike a few, most of the publishers refrained from making any major changes in their publications, over the detailed edits and changes.

This adjudication resonated with the Board’s members to delay over the approval of the books, listed by individual publishes for the schools. No major developments were concluded over the numerous controversies over the literature and content linked with the science and objections over natural selection based lessons.

Numerous statements by members outside the social conservative bloc even elucidates the attempts made by the members to implements and impose the narrated ideological edits in the said chapters of the publications, till late night.

Like numerous who awaited over the delayed conclusion, Thomas Ratiliff, a Republican from Mount Pleasant gave a sarcastic remark, by saying “To ask me — a business degree major from Texas Tech University — to distinguish whether the Earth cooled 4 billion years ago or 4.2 billion years ago for purposes of approving a textbook at 10:15 on a Thursday night is laughable,”

Throwing further light on the details, he added” I believe this process is being hijacked, this book is being held hostage to make political changes.”