Houston has some stunning beaches – including the famous Corpus Christi Beach – and the beautiful homes that are scattered around the shores can bring out the green-eyed monster in the most content of people. Beachfront living used to be reserved only for the rich and famous, but it is now achievable for us mere mortals to get our hands on a great beach home to wow friends, family and neighbours alike.

Once you are moved in to your beachfront home, you will be looking for ways to optimise it for maximum wow factor, and this means doing some renovation work to the interior and exterior of the property to make sure that all of your visitors’ jaws drop. You can maximise the potential of your home without breaking the bank, and here are a few ways to do so.



Whether you are looking to give your home an ultra-modern look or an older, more rustic feel, there are plenty of opportunities for homeowners to do so. You can install wooden floors and beams across the home to give the home a warm interior, and to really add the warmth factor, there is also the opportunity to add an open fireplace to your main living room. This is certainly going to catch the eye of your friends and neighbours who come to visit.

The Balcony

The balcony of your beachfront home is prime real estate. You can optimise this space for parties, relaxation, al fresco dining and simply a place to put up a hammock. Visitors who come to your home and see a beautiful balcony overlooking the beach is one thing, but when that balcony has had work done on it to really make the most of the space with quality furnishings and an eye for detail, you can be sure that your visitors will be mightily impressed.


One of the most popular additions to beachfront homes are residential cargo lifts, and there are a variety of cargo lifts in Houston that will give your home 100% access to all, and give you the extra peace of mind that you can get as many people and as much cargo up into your property as possible. This is great for when you are throwing a party and people will be coming and going all night.

They can use your cargo lift instead of going up and down flights of stairs continuously, and your cargo lift can be used to get plenty of food and drink up onto your balcony for your party. You can even transport BBQ equipment or other heavy goods up into your home in a matter of seconds, saving you and your guests the exhausting task of lifting goods up and down your stairs. This gives you more time to get cooking, drinking and entertaining your guests.

Partying aside, access to your property is important for deliveries, elderly and disabled guests and much more, but it is also a unique selling point of your home, and is certain to get your neighbours talking about your beachfront home.