A flood can lead to critical safety issues and major health problems, so immediate action after a flood has occurred is crucial for a home and the occupants’ health and safety. Here are four things to do after a flood happens to help prevent and repair damage.

4 Ways To Care For Your Home After A Flood

Assess the Damage and Contact the Insurance Company Immediately

Before steps are taken to start cleaning up the damages, a full and proper assessment of the entire property needs to be made and written down. Organization is the key to combating damage coming from every direction. The first call made needs to be to the insurance company too. Insurance, like that offered at Colling Insurance Services, Inc, exists for disasters. That is why seeking help from your insurance agency first is always a good idea.

Remove the Standing Water as Soon as Possible

Water damage gets worse as time goes on, so whenever it is safe, a move should be made to clear out standing water. A pump needs to be put in place as soon as the flooding has gone below the house. Make sure children and pets are clear of the risky standing water, and proper protective gear should be worn in case it is contaminated. Check proper safety procedures for placing the pump if the water level is high.

Begin Cleaning up the Debris Left Behind

A certain amount of caution should be exercised in this process due to dangerous materials flood waters often leave behind. Mud in the home from a flood can have toxins in them. Shovel out and spray down every inch of the home to clean the mud out, including the air ducts. It is also a good idea for you to check for snakes and rats. They often seek shelter in homes after floods.

Let Appliances and Outlets Have Enough Time to Air Dry

It is a good idea to cut the power after a flood, and talk to the electric company about how long it will take the outlets to dry out. Appliance manufacturers will have some tips on how long to wait before using the appliances again.

A flood can be one of the most detrimental things to happen to a home, and it can even mean the end of one too. Water damage is a nightmare for people to deal with, and it can cause expensive short-term and long-term damage. Throughout the entire process keep these tips and safety in mind and you should be able to have your home as good as new in no time!