Contingent on which webmaster is being polled, EMD’s, or exact match domains, epitomize search engine optimization efforts and make available domain names for sale easier to push. Factually speaking, virtually all SEO firms will purport to domain owners that having exact matching domain names – meaning your target keyword is your domain name – will nearly all but guarantee top placement in search rankings.

However, bear in mind serious limitations could be placed on future growth of your domain selling business with such exactness in your domain name versus chosen keyword. Below is a plausible argument for both vitality and absenteeism of EMD’s.

Exact Match Helps SEO

When deploying SEO services for assistance with search positioning, having matching domain and keyword is nearly everyone’s dream. All that is needed from there is optimizing long-tail keywords or variations of current keywords to promulgate higher positioning. This could potentially help the search optimization firm strategically lower your CPC on paid platforms while increasing your position simply by continually linking to high-relevant sites through guest blogging, natural link building and other SEO services of white-hat nature.

Generally, unless your domain selling business is expecting to include other offerings in the future, you can expect exact match domain purchases to be your ticket to easy rankings provided you picked a keyword that carries some heavy search popularity. Searching for keyword loaded domain names for sale may render something ‘intriguing’ today…

Exact Match Slows SEO Growth

For those who don’t have common keywords for their exact matching domains, your hired SEO services may halt completely because there is little to expand on to assist your keyword to move up the rankings and, even if you did, the keywords with low search volumes won’t do much good, anyway. So, in this instance, having exact matching domains could potentially thwart search marketing efforts and increase your paid advertising dollars radically.

Therefore, if your domain and keyword are in a rather narrow niche market with not much overall consumer interaction, you’ll probably need tons of loot to make your Search optimization firm work for the rankings you want.

Builds Brand Recognition

Getting that elusive ‘direct hit’ when consumers are searching the internet definitely helps when building biz recognition. Buying domain names for sale with your business name – which is popularly searched in Google, Bing or talked about in social media – is expensive. While SEO specialists profess keyword stuffed domains do make their job easier, anyone with common sense could take their brand to higher levels simply by investing, writing content and letting the world know you’re the ‘real McCoy’.


Depending on which direction your search marketing efforts, business forecast and desired results are heading, you may want to think before registering exact match domains, especially if you’ll deploy SEO services to assist you with search positioning. The costs will outweigh the benefits unless your keyword and matching top-level domain are widely searched, easy to find similes and long-tail keywords for and also contain something you feel won’t be expanded in the future.

Evaluate other websites that deal with this situation and make an educated decision (without guesstimating) so when you hire any search optimization firm, the costs will be reasonable.  Make sure that potentially interesting domain names for sale are thoroughly evaluated, dumping freshly dropped or penalized names immediately. Finally, if the PR is 8 with 2 backlinks, run – run quickly.

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