Even in the current tough economic environment, people are still house-proud. If you are thinking of redecorating but are put off because of the cost, try making some small changes with big impact. A new window-dressing could be just the thing.


Private Can Still Be Pretty

People often hang curtains because they feel they want a bit of privacy, particularly if their room overlooks the street. That can be difficult during the day, particularly if you still want to let light in, but the lightweight voile or net curtains are not dark enough at night. So double up! Value curtains give your more options. Hang two poles and you can have both:

The lightweight material lets light in . . .

. . . but keeps nosy passers-by out

The second curtain can be heavier . . .

. . . and prettier

Be bold with pattern

Use an accent colour from your decor

Blinds are an alternative to try if you don’t fancy two sets of curtains and roller blinds are a great way of adding pattern to your room. If you are using blinds though, keep the curtains plain. Invest in blinds and you might want to try value curtains in several different colours to alter the look of your room depending on the season.

Don’t Break The Bank

Quality curtains needn’t be expensive. An online site such as valueinteriors.co.uk is a good place to look for value curtains if you would fancy trying something new. A lower cost makes it easier to take a risk, too, so why not try something you wouldn’t normally? Buy several pairs and you can make lots of rooms in the house look very different very easily.

Take The Lead

Don’t fancy two pairs of curtains but still want some impact? Use a contrasting a fabric on the back of the curtains that is very visible when you tieyour curtains back for the day. This is a great trick for framing a spectacular view and the highlight colour can be picked out in your accessories, too.

Use A Pelmet

No longer just something from your granny’s house, a pelmet can help your window look well-dressed in a flash. It creates a hotel-chic finish to your room, particularly if it picks out a colour from the pattern of your curtains. Spare the frilly trim though, unless you do like your granny’s look!

Some Quick Tips

Bold, floral fabrics are modern and on-trend

Sheer curtains should be sill-length

Floor-length curtain add drama to a room

Imagine your window as a picture and frame it

Make your window dressing a feature of the room

Dressing a window is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to change the look of your room. If you cannot afford to redecorate completely, changing the curtains can make the same space look very different. Add some carefully chosen accessories, perhaps cushions or vases, in a similar tone, or in an accent colour and you’ll hardly recognise your room.


Ilena writes regularly on various topics for a range of interior design websites. Keen to make a statement, she has recently updated several windows in her house with value curtains that look more expensive than they were.