If you cannot imagine your life without an air conditioner, you need to pay attention to it s performance. Keep in mind that filters and coils in your air conditioner have to be replaced every now and then. Clean coils, filters, and fins will improve the performance of your air conditioner. Don’t forget to replace these elements when it is necessary. If the filter is clogged the performance of your air conditioner will decline while the energy consumption will increase. Don’t postpone the maintenance procedures.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner


I was sitting in my living room with the air conditioner on when I’ve heard the water dripping from one side of the AC. I didn’t pay much attention to it – I simply switched it off and put it back on half an hour later. I had to put the bucket under the AC to collect the water coming out of it.

These signs didn’t ring a bell for me. I asked for a professional help several weeks later when I needed to change the bucket every half an hour. The filter in my air conditioner was clogged thus preventing it from working efficiently.

Dirty and clogged filters obstruct the normal airflow. This dirt from the filter can even be transferred to the evaporator coil. When the filter is blocked your air conditioner consumes more energy.

You can open the front side of the air conditioner to examine the filter. In case there are visible signs of dirt on the filter, you need to either clean it or replace it. Inspect the filter before the cooling season starts to ensure the efficient work of your air conditioner. If it is in constant use, you need change the filter every two months.


Dirt and dust pile up in the air conditioner coils over their time of its service. If the filter is clogged, the coil in your AC will get soiled faster. Dirt that gets collected on the coil will affect the airflow and the coil’s capacity to absorb the hot air. The coil in your air conditioner needs to be cleaned every 12 months.

Outdoor environment will have a direct impact on the outdoor condenser coils. To minimize the negative effects of polluted environment you need to get rid of the debris around the air conditioner unit and clean the vents.

Be Ready for Winter

Cover the outdoor unit to protect it from the harmful effects of low temperatures and snow. You can even remove your air conditioning unit from the room and store it during the winter. It doesn’t have to collect dust and get dirtier when it is not in use.

Check the Drains

You need to inspect the unit’s drain system once in a while. If it is clogged, your air conditioner won’t reduce the humidity of the air indoors. As a result, excessive moisture may damage your furniture, carpets and walls.

Seal the Windows

Before the cooling season begins you need to inspect your windows and doors to make sure there are no air leaks. Holes in your windows will let cool air escape from the room. As a result, the air conditioner will consume more energy to keep the stable temperature indoors.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you don’t feel confident cleaning your air conditioner and replacing the filters you can always call for professional assistance. A professional service technician will examine your air conditioner, replace the clogged filters and perform dryer vent cleaning in Indianapolis.  A professional with experience in airability HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) will check the performance of your air conditioner, search for leaks and measure airflow.