Complimenting Your Outdoor Furniture With RockscapingRockscaping is the interesting idea of creating landscaped art using only rocks or rocks and only a few other items. Anyone can rockscapesimply by adding rocks and stones to current yard. While a rockscaped yard may look somewhat like a Zen rock garden, it doesn’t have to include any sand. On the other hand, a rockscaped area doesn’t have to include that many rocks, either. It’s a very flexible concept that anyone can do.

The Basics

Rockscaping simply involves placing rocks in or around your flowerbeds. Some people use rocks to define the edges of their flowerbeds or gardens. These are usually fairly large rocks and once they’re set, they’re rarely moved. If you have some large, flat rocks, you can use them to create a series of stepping stones or even stairs. Rocks can also be decorative—smaller ones can be placed in flowerbeds among your flowers to add a space between plants. You can also use small rocks instead of mulch to protect your flowerbeds against weeds.

Rocks as Furniture

Using rocks as garden furniture may seem like an odd idea, but it works. If you have some good-sized rocks that are fairly flat on top, you can use them as seats or tables. One great idea is to surround a fire pit with large, flat rocks. You can also use them to create a sort of outdoor amphitheater.

Surround Your Pool with Rocks

If you have a swimming pool, you can decorate one part of it with rocks and pipe water up and through them to create a beautiful waterfall. Nothing will beat relaxing by the pool and listening to the water pour down and over the rocks. If you don’t have a pool, you can do some rockscaping with small goldfish ponds and small fountains.

Replace Part of Your Yard

If you hate mowing your yard, or if your yard is very small, you may want to actually replace all of the grass with pebbles and other rocks. This gives an effect very similar to a Zen rock garden but without the sand, which can easily get ruined and turn to mud when it rains. You can plant a few shrubs or flowers in amongst the rocks, but another great idea is to place container gardens on your rockscaped area. You can move these containers around as often as you like, changing how your flowers look.

Large Rocks Alone

You don’t have to cover your entire yard to simply place a few large rocks around in it. These giant rocks probably won’t be moved once their set, so be sure you know exactly where you want them. You will need to be able to mow or at least use a weed eater around the edges of the rocks, so be sure to select some that allow this. You might also need to wash them off occasionally, so you might want to make sure they’re within reach of your garden hose.

Be Creative

There’s no right or wrong way to rockscape. Simply use your imagination and be creative.

Author Bio: Emma Munton is an author and blogger from London. She often writes about outdoor entertainment and how Outdoor Furniture sets, garden benches, patio furniture & sun loungers can create the perfect environment.