No one is born with perfect Claudia Schiffer-like looks, but in the past, there was nothing much you could do about it! For example, if you did not like your neck folds, the only way to hide it was through cleverly applied cosmetics. Times have changed though. If you do not like your nose or your neck, you can now change it with plastic surgery and the same goes for your neck as well.

Cosmetic surgery created a sensation when the FDA approved it for consumer use. Men and women were finally able to ask for and get beautiful new facial features with safe and effective surgeries. Neck surgeries in particular became very popular and they still are very popular with patients all over the world. Depending on individual requirements, neck life surgeries could pull up sagging neck tissue, tighten the jaw line and even streamline the chin area to create a younger, youthful face. However, this procedure is technique sensitive and it does require the services of an expert neck lift surgeon who specializes in the surgery. We recommend you follow our tips on how to find a really good neck lift NYC surgeon and leave the rest in his capable hands.

Ask around for a Good Cosmetic Surgeon 

Good surgeons are well-known in the industry and your personal physician will know the names of the best. We recommend you start by asking your personal physician or friends and family.

Check with the American Association of Plastic Surgeons

All surgeons have to be listed with the AMA and with specialist surgery boards as well. When you check with the AMA website, it will list the names of the surgeons along with their specializations. Take the time to note down addresses and experiences, and contact each doctor for a personal appointment.


• Visit the Surgeon 

Good surgeons usually welcome new clients and discuss the needs of the patient at the first appointment for free. We recommend you talk to at least three different surgeons and get estimates from them. You should also take the time to check out the surgeon’s portfolio of BEFORE AND AFTER pictures, as it will give you an accurate idea of how the surgeon works.

• Experience

Medicine is a rapidly advancing field, and it is not unusual to find newer and better techniques on the market and in the media. We recommend that you research new procedures and discuss them with your surgeon. This way you will be able to assess his expertise and technical knowledge.

• Follow-up Care

Neck lifts are surgeries and there are always chances of a complication. As a result, we recommend you find a doctor that provides high quality back up care in case of an emergency. You should be able to contact the doctor at any time and they should friendly and accessible.

We hope that these few procedures will help you understand how a neck lift NYC surgeon works and how they work. We recommend you take your time while choosing a good surgeon and research him well. If you’ve done the legwork correctly, you don’t really have anything to worry about.