When your car is on the fritz you may need to pick up auto parts. Some repair jobs are beyond the simple 2 minute deal where a mechanic – or you – pushes some part of your car back into place. Suffering from sticker shock is quite common when you’re shopping for auto parts. Depending on the make and model of your ride buying parts can put you back a few dollars. Be a savvy part shopper. Knowing where and how to look for auto parts helps you save a small fortune in fees.

Premiums are the great bargain killer. Shopping at certain retailers eats into your wallet at a blinding pace if you need to buy a few moderately expensive parts. Use the internet and a sound offline approach to find the parts you need for your car. Get back on the road pronto without breaking the bank.

How To Buy Dependable Auto Parts

Use these tips to buy dependable auto parts.

Get Going on Your Due Diligence

Research separates smart parts shoppers from suckers. Doing just a smidgen of online and offline due diligence nudges you in the right direction. You’ll know what to look for, where to look for it and how to look for it. Run online searches to find auto parts databases. Once you identify a database look for your desired auto part. Run a query to search for distances from your home area. Check out the fair market price of the part. This gives you a benchmark for what you should pay, ballpark-wise.

Make sure you don’t forget shipping costs and estimated delivery time. If you’re picking up a light bulb for a headlight you’ll have no problems paying for shipping but a large engine part may put you back quite a bit. Research shipping costs before pulling the trigger because some parts may need to be flown in depending on the availability of the product.

Bargain Nicely

Buy auto parts by being a nice guy or gal. Don’t forget that both parties want a happy outcome. The dealer wants to move a part and make a profit while you need the part for your car. In some cases you may be stuck without the part. Engine parts or other parts which you need to drive the car safely shouldn’t be haggled over. Be polite. Be nice. Get the part that you need. Make the dealer happy as they register another sale.

Become familiar with a fair and honest buying price before you travel to the dealership. Show the individual that you are serious and fair. You want to buy the part and you’re being level with them too. Don’t make the stupid mistake of trying to low ball an auto parts dealer. They have been down that road many times and know how to play the game. Remember that they know you need the part. If you are willing to barter intelligently and politely you can get the part you want at a reasonable price and you may just develop a long term relationship with the dealer too. Think big picture.