The motto of law enforcement is to protect and to serve the public. Officers should always work in the best interest of the law, as the law is designed to keep the general public safe from harm.

The problem is that not everything law enforcement does works to protect everyone. Innocent individuals who are otherwise law-abiding citizens can easily become incarcerated by something as simple as an officer performing routine checks on people who pose no danger to anyone else.

That’s why learning how to keep your cool in the midst of a sheriff’s roadblock is in your best interest. Let’s examine some tips that will help you lessen the chances that the sheriff will end up taking you to spend a night in jail.

5 Tips For Handling That Next Sheriff Roadblock

1. Keep Calm

Most stops by police are relatively harmless. The greatest thing you have to worry about is getting something like a ticket for speeding or another infraction that would cause you to be stopped in the first place.

If you keep calm, then the situation will progress much more smoothly than if you act irrationally.

2. Don’t Argue

The worst thing you can do is to argue with a police officer. They have several powers given to them that enable them to do everything from inspecting your car to taking you into custody.

The last thing you want to do is to make a police officer, which includes a sheriff, unhappy. Be compliant and do whatever you’re told, within reason, to keep the situation light.

3. Follow Directions

When the sheriff or another police officer asks you for your license and registration, give it to them promptly. Have them set in a place that allows you to pull them out easily.

If you are given any other directions, follow them without question. Do not protest them unless the demands are unreasonable or against your morals.

4. Have a Lawyer on Call

There are times when that next sheriff roadblock is going to result in a ticket or incarceration. There’s nothing you can do when these things happen except minimize the amount of trouble you get yourself in. If you are charged with driving under the influence, contact a local DUI lawyer to get the representation you need.

5. Be Respectful

Officers need something referred to as reasonable suspicion to search your car. “Reasonable” is a subjective term, which means that it is entirely up to their discretion to search your vehicle when you have been stopped.

The reason that only about 5 percent of stops resulted in a search is a lack of any reasonable suspicion. Respect towards the officer will go a long way in avoiding searches that could turn up a reason for incarceration.

If you have a respectable lawyer capable of protecting your rights during legal proceeding, which includes attorneys like Los Angeles DUI attorney Michael Kraut, you’ll increase your chances of a better outcome significantly. Keeping an attorney’s number on hand will help you contact someone who can help protect you.

Not All Sheriff Roadblocks are Avoidable

The truth concerning sheriff roadblocks is that not all are avoidable, nor is it possible to walk away from every one of them without repercussions. The good news is that you can follow the above advice to minimize the chances that you’ll run into complications and to maximize your chances of defending yourself when the time comes to step before a judge.