It is Always Better to Have the Extra Coverage

If you drive it is a good idea to have comprehensive insurance. Having this type of insurance will ensure that you are covered no matter what. Whether you’re a taxi driver, you own a luxury car or have another job that requires you putting many miles on the road every year, you should have comprehensive coverage.


You Can’t Plan For a Disaster

No one plans to have to use their insurance coverage but often things are not under your control and the more coverage that you have the better. Any driver on the road is likely to encounter some type of damage in their driving career. It may not be the fault of another driver, or you, but your car can suffer damage from a natural disaster such as a tree falling on your car. It’s more common than you may think.


Coverage is Optional But Do You Really Want to Be at Risk?

Comprehensive coverage is optional and there’s no state or federal that requires you to have it, but it’s an extra level of security that you will be glad you have when you need it. You may need to get it even if you don’t want to if you are leasing your vehicle. Most lenders will require that you get comprehensive coverage to protect their investment in the event that there is an accident. Lenders may also require that you have collision and bodily injury coverage as well. This is something that you may want to keep in mind if you have never had comprehensive coverage and you are thinking of leasing or borrowing a car. Comprehensive insurance will bring up your monthly car payment so it just may not fit into your budget.


Figure Out How Your Insurance Will Fit Into Your Budget

The cost of getting comprehensive coverage will vary and will be greatly affected by the kind of car that you own. Yo need to know if the amount that the insurance company will pay will cover the amount your car is worth. You can shop around for insurance coverage prices but it will always vary based on different factors. A new comprehensive policy will make all your premiums rise but you can still decide, somewhat, what you will pay.


Can You Afford to Replace Your Car?

If you own your car and are deciding whether or not you are going to add comprehensive coverage to your plan you should figure out if the cost of insurance will cost you more than you’ll receive if your car were to be totalled or stolen. If you have an expensive car you should just go with the comprehensive coverage. Most drivers cannot afford to replace their car of it is stolen or totalled and if your car’s worth a lot, it would be a good precaution to get the coverage.


Do You Know the Value of Your Vehicle?

You can figure out if comprehensive as well as collision coverage will be a good fit for your budget. You need to know how much your vehicle is worth and get an insurance estimate for your annual premiums then you can multiply that figure by ten. If your car is not worth as much as the number you got then you probably do not need to get the premiums. Just keep in mind that if you have no coverage you will be facing the consequences if something were to happen to your car.

Even if you think no one would ever steal your car, it could happen. Or you may have a bad hailstorm that destroys your car or at least causes extensive damage. Insurance is there it protect you in the event that an unforeseen scenario plays out.


Coverage Against Bad Luck

Comprehensive car insurance coverage, also known as “other than collision” in certain states, will cover damage that’s caused to your vehicle that you have zero control over. It’ll cover things as vandalism, damage to your glass and windshield, theft, acts of nature, fire, and accidents with animals. It is an extra cushion against bad luck. For example, if you try to avoid hitting a deer and then hit a tree or another driver on the road, the accident would be covered by your “optional” insurance.


The Process

After you are involved in an accident such as the deer scenario, you’ll file an insurance claim by phone, through a mobile app or online, and your car will be repaired. It is a fairly easy and straightforward process.