We don’t only want functional garage doors; also need them to be safe. Accidents have many faces. What is your responsibility? Are the manufacturers to blame? There are certainly variations in terms of product quality and accident avoidance is a perfectly good reason why people should choose products manufactured by companies with years on the market. Some garage door parts, like springs and the opener ought to be checked and tested for their resistance and durability. Nevertheless, some accidents take place due to our own wrong doing, negligence or bad decisions. For example:

* Interfering with garage door repairs

* Neglecting servicing and checking the system frequently

* Postponing emergency repairs for tomorrow and then for the next day but still using the overhead door

* Standing under the door

* Choosing the wrong parts

* Allowing children to play close to the garage door

* Forgetting to disengage the operator when checking the door

* Keeping the door open to fix it without c-clamps

How To Avoid Getting Injured

Make garage doors safe without risking your life

Defective doors are one reason for many of the 30,000 accidents occurring every year, but it’s also our own negligence to use the door properly or trying alone to apply repairs for garage door springs. Do you know how many people are hurt by springs when trying to replace them or are injured from snapping springs because they failed to replace them on time? The numbers come up to a few hundreds. The large number of accidents changed the American legislation in 1993. Till that moment garage door opener safety sensors were sold separately. Now manufacturers are obliged to integrate them in the opener system. The only responsibility consumers have is to ensure they are working alright. So, it’s actually vital for you to test the reverse mechanism. Place a small wood board under the door. The beams should see the object and the door should stop and reverse when it makes contact.

Today, there are more products on the market for enhanced safety. Take the bottom garage door brackets, for example. They are connected with the spring system and if tampered with, can cause accidents. With the new tampered resistant brackets, you won’t be in any danger. Though, the replacement of the bottom brackets is not an easy task and still very risky. It’s best to trust Garage Door Repair Rancho Cordova with it. Just to get an idea of the whole procedure, the opener must be disconnected and the door must be secured with c-clamps. Then, the torsion spring must be unwound till all tension is removed. For this task, the right winding bar is used and if there are two springs installed, the tension of both of them must be released.

The next step involves loosening the set screws of the garage door cable drum. Once the cable is removed, the fasteners of the bracket must be removed, too. Now the bracket can be removed and the cable connected with it can be pulled off. The following steps include the installation of the new tamper resistant bracket. The cable is connected to the bracket and then threaded to the drum, which must be placed on the bearing plate at the spring shaft and turned until the cable is tight. Then the set screws can be tightened and the same process must be followed at the opposite side of the door. Lastly, spring tension must be added and the door should be checked for its balance. When the opener is reconnected, it’s wise to check the reverse mechanism.

The installation of tamper resistant brackets or hinges is crucial today, but be careful that efforts to ensure safety for your family don’t end in a tragedy. Don’t get involved in such tasks alone! They are dangerous!