About Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an online dashboard which enables businesses which have online apps to get their apps before their audiences in an effective way. It provides a useful platform on which to carry out app marketing both for Google Play Store (Android apps) and Apple App Store (iOS apps).

The dashboard was established in July 2013 and is currently being used by more than 85 top performing businesses in various fields. It is the best way to get your app to the top, and provides useful metrics that can inform your app marketing strategy. A lot of time, effort and resources are devoted to creating apps, and this dashboard ensures that you reap the benefits by gaining the highest visibility.

Mobile Action ASO Guide

ASO refers to app store optimization, and it is comparable to search engine optimization for websites online. There are more than 2 million apps created and submitted to the two main app stores, Google and Apple. You can create a great app, but it won’t mean much for you or your business until you bring it to your audience.

Whether you created a free app or hope to earn revenue by charging a fee per download, you need to ensure your app is performing well within your niche and for the search terms you’re looking to rank. The Mobile Action ASO Guide provides practical, actionable tips that can guide anyone who wants to learn ASO.


The ASO Guide is a comprehensive resource, containing all information relating to app store optimization. This includes definition of ASO and the purpose of ASO for business and individual apps. In addition, it provides an outline of the key steps involved in app marketing given below:

  • Keyword research – keywords are the search terms which users in your niche will use to look for apps like yours. This is the first step towards understanding your audience and market.
  • Non-text element optimization – includes information on taking the best screenshots and preview videos, and posting them, ensuring they have optimal file sizes for speedy downloads, selecting the app name, optimizing icons and other images, among others
  • Keyword optimization – includes strategies/techniques relating to keyword presentation including placement in title, descriptions and other write-ups.

These three elements work together to give a comprehensive app marketing strategy, which covers the initial phase of app optimization.

Optimizing the app itself within the store is only the beginning. The second and more important is continuous performance tracking, the details of which are also given in the Mobile Action ASO Guide. You can also visit the Mobile Action blog to learn more about how to leverage your app’s various metrics and data for better overall performance. These include:

-Market trend analysis

-Key parameters and app store statistical tracking

-Keyword localization and insights

-Keyword name selection and optimization

-Category and overall performance data

-Competitor keyword performance analysis

-Past search data and categorization

-Competitor app downloads and other stats

Using this information, you can continuously improve your ASO strategy to maintain your top performance within your categories and overall.