Your home should be your oasis of peace, your comfort zone, your safe place. However, with the frantic lives we live, brining work home with you or getting overwhelmed with all the things you need to do over the weekend on, your days off can get pretty frustrating and contribute to the negative vibes lurking around your home. Before you know it – you’ve threaded dangerous waters of turning your sanctuary into your office, and you’ve got no place to go to clear your head.

Bring Peace Into Your Home

Before it’s too late, you need to learn to keep things separate and work on improving positive energy levels around your home so everyone (including you) is happy and satisfied when gathered together.

Just like a piece of jewelry can either make or break your entire outfit, so can a few details around your home make it into either your safe haven or your energy drainage.

To help you keep things at home fresh, positive, happy and motivating, we’ve singled out a few pieces of advice that may help your décor and bring the wonderful energy back in your home.

Give color some power

Color is known to have the power to affect our physical, psychological and emotional levels. Furthermore, some studies claim that color can also change our appetite, body temperature, mood and levels of energy. To give your home the feel you seek, explore what colors have the best effect on you and invest in a little painting or accessorizing in colors you prefer. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is the cheapest upgrade you can do, and yet incredibly effective! By adding ornaments like pillows, decorative blankets, vases, curtains and even wallpapers in the colors and patterns you respond to well, you can take your home to a whole different level.

Bring Peace Into Your Home

Remove the bad mojo and bring positivity back

We all know that, in order to let go of something, we first need to acknowledge its presence, accept it and then set it free. The same thing applies to your home interior.

If you’ve been living in your home for some time, it’s evident you’ll have some old memories lingering around and reminding you of bad experiences that may put you down. Bad breakups, fights, the death of a loved one… all these negative emotions sit on the shelves of your home, hang from the walls and lie still on your sofa. Make a decision to let go and give away/sell the furniture you have bad memories linked to. Once you free your space of the bad mojo, you’ll be able to give it a new, fresh, positive vibe.

Associate your space with happiness and motivation

Motivational posters and quotes have an amazing impact on our psyche. While it’s true that no change can happen unless you are both emotionally and psychologically ready to make it, motivational posters are taking you a step closer to good, zen things in your life. Incorporate your favorite quotes in the art hanging on the walls or decorating your coffee tables. Frame them and give them power by placing them around visible places in the house or places that mean a lot to you.

Bring Peace Into Your Home

You don’t necessarily have to have them around your home office, but rather any place you spend the most time at. Also, include inspirational quotes you find a personal link to in your décor – they will not only look chic in the interior, but also have immense significance for you.

Include uplifting ornaments

Beauty inspires, motivates and brings about the feeling of happiness and pleasure. One of the ways to make your home peaceful is to accessorize it with elements that look beautiful, fit into your style perfectly and work on the visual upgrade of your space.

Bring Peace Into Your Home

Depending on the overall style of your interior, choose pieces that speak to you, such as gorgeous vintage tables,attractive homewares in interesting design,corner chairs that will always stand out and make a statement. Additionally, beautiful corner or table lamps, huge pillows, interesting carpets and plenty of other stunning ornaments can immediately turn your space from dull to inspiring!