Back injuries can be some of the most frustrating out there. They can drastically limit your range of motion and pull you into mental turmoil. By successfully employing these tips to alleviate some of the pressure on your spine, you can regain some comfort while you recover.

How To Alleviate Pressure On Your Spine After A Back Injury

Be Strategic When Sleeping

Finding a comfortable position to alleviate pain is going to require you to use pillows or towels for support. Depending on how you sleep, you’ll need to support your legs in a specific position. For those that are used to sleeping on their side, a fetal position is best. Place a pillow between your bent knees to support your spine. If you regularly sleep on your back, utilize a tolled up towel under the backs of your knees to support your spine.

Perform Rehabilitation Stretches

This one may come as a shock to you but it’s very important to follow. You need to be performing stretches recommended by a physical therapist for spine injury rehabilitation. This helps to keep the back muscles functioning and strong. If you don’t move your body, it can create unnecessary adhesions that can limit your range of motion going into the future. You need to stay active within a safe range to facilitate your recovery.

Take Anti-Inflammatories

There are many over the counter anti-inflammatory medications that you can take that will help to reduce the swelling in your back region. Some examples of common NSAIDS include Advil, Motrin, and Midol. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the anti-inflammatory that you’re using. This is a necessary component of reducing swelling so that it decreases the amount of pain that your body receives from its neurotransmitters.

Apply Ice

Another great solution for reducing the swelling you feel after a back injury is to apply ice to it. The ice will work to constrict the area and decrease blood flow. You should only be using ice that is wrapped in a towel or other material to keep the frozen pack or ice cubes off of your skin. It’s only advisable to leave the ice on for 20 minutes at a time. Any longer and your body will start to heat up as if it’s undergoing the symptoms of frostbite.

Alleviating pressure on your spine isn’t too difficult to do as long as you have the right steps to take. The above tips will ensure that you can help to reduce pressure on your healing spine. Be sure to use a combination of these tips so that you can get the pain relief you need during your recovery period.