Mother Nature may hold the key to looking and feeling younger. If you don’t want to have to resort to invasive cosmetic procedures to try to turn back the hands of time, many natural products and other methods are known for their anti-aging benefits and can be used as part of your beauty regimen. Here are five of the best anti-aging secrets direct from Mother Nature.

5 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets Direct From Mother Nature

Turmeric Minimizes Skin Aging

The spice known as turmeric has long been regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s also known to be effective for combatting skin aging. Turmeric often comes in powder form and can be sprinkled on food, or you can also try adding the spice to your tea. Turmeric can even be found in topical form and is easy to apply to the skin for maximum anti-aging benefits.

Grape Seed Extract is Great for Preserving Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin are two key natural components within the body that are needed to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Grape seed extract has the ability to keep collagen and elastin at ideal levels. Grape seed extract can also combat the free radicals that contribute to aging.

CBD Eye Cream Works Wonders for the Eyes

CBD, which is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, can be used in eye cream that’s formulated to erase telltale signs of aging on the skin around the eyes. Anti aging CBD eye cream works particularly well at minimizing the appearance of the lines near the eyes known as crow’s feet. The cream is formulated to promote better skin moisture and prevent drying effects that often contribute to skin aging.

Rice and Milk Can Clean the Skin

One of the biggest culprits of aging is the dirt, dead skin cells and other debris that gets embedded in the skin. A great natural way to clean the skin is to mix ¼ cup of rice with three teaspoons of milk to create a paste. This paste can then be applied to the skin and allowed to sit until it dries. After drying, wash the paste off for a natural exfoliating effect.

Lemon Juice Makes a Terrific Natural Peel

Instead of undergoing a chemical feel, you can apply a lemon juice concoction to your facial skin for a gentler effect that will still leave you with fabulous results. The alpha-hydroxy acid that’s found in lemon juice is also a common ingredient in many beauty products. To make this concoction, try mixing lemon juice with some sugar crystals to create a fine gel. You can then apply this gel to your face and leave it there until it dries out and can be rinsed away.

Quite often, turning to Mother Nature is the best way to achieve a younger look. With these natural products and methods, you’ll be able to fight aging more effectively.