One of the most common aftermarket upgrades are tires and wheels. Whether you choose off-road tires, cool rims, an upgrading suspension system or a leveling kit, it can be difficult to know what affects the ride quality. Find out more about a leveling kit and how it affects your ride quality.

Your Ride Quality

Take a minute to inspect your truck or Jeep. You may notice that the rear of your ride is slightly higher than the front. This is called a raked stance and is designed to prevent a heavy load from bottoming out your vehicle. One of the most affordable discount 4×4 accessories is a leveling kit to balance out this look.

For most vehicles, a leveling kit will do little to negatively affect your ride quality. Your ride may have slightly more air resistance, but that should do little to your fuel economy. The only other ride quality change is slightly more clearance.

A leveling kit may not give you the clearance you need for larger tires. If you’re going for looks, it’s a great option. Otherwise, you may need to invest in a lift kit to swap out your OEM tires with extra-large aftermarket options.

Be sure you choose a quality leveling kit. Choose a kit that is compatible with your make and model of vehicle and find out if you need new shocks, strut extensions or spacers. Some kits include everything you need, while others are meant to be used in addition to these aftermarket parts.

What Does Leveling Kit Do?

So why purchase a leveling kit? Most off-roaders pick up this affordable kit for one of two reasons. First, a leveling kit is stylish. Many riders prefer the leveled look of their truck or Jeep. Leveling is far more affordable than a lift kit, but produces a similar look.

The second common reason is clearance. That small addition in the front might be all you need to clear an obstacle on your next off-road expedition. A leveling kit won’t give you the same lift as a lift kit, but it won’t affect your ride quality or cost as much either.

Lift kits alter the aerodynamics and ride quality of your ride. They’re great for dedicated off-road vehicles, but you may not enjoy the ride quality as you head down the highway. A leveling kit is a good balance between your stock look and extreme lift kits. It’s also a cost-effective way to get your feet wet in DIY off-road upgrades. Alter the look of your ride without paying for extreme lift kits.

Choose the Best Kit for Your Ride

So, which is better? It all depends on your reasoning behind your kit. If you’re looking for maximum clearance for bouldering and other intense rides, consider a lift kit. However, if you want a great look that doesn’t dramatically change your ride quality or fuel economy, pick up an affordable leveling kit. The most important thing is that you choose a kit that’s designed for your make and model of vehicle and that offers you the killer look and performance you need.