Preventive health screenings are an effective method to identify the risk of hidden disease. For many people, getting screenings is the first step toward early intervention to prevent dangerous health events later in life. Many health care plans, however, do not even cover the cost of the most basic of preventive care. Those that do offer preventive screenings usually severely limit the tests that are available.

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Below are just some of the reasons to consider having private health screenings as an alternative way toward a much healthier and longer future. If you are looking for a reputable health screening office in Kansas, for instance, ask a friend for a reference or search a national directory website.

Early Detection

Regular health exams and tests assist patients in identifying potential health problems or preventing health crises before they occur. If the test does uncover a problem, the patient and doctor can make important choices about what steps to take next. Another benefit is that when potential issues are detected early, the chances of a cure with treatment are much greater.

Personal Attention

Personal, individualized attention is one reason why private health screenings are an attractive option to many patients.  A typical full health screening takes 2-3 hours, after which the patient receives a personal consultation with a medical doctor. If problems are discovered during the testing, the physician will advise the patient to see their regular general physician.

More Options

Many screening tests are not included under certain health care plans. Tests that are often not covered under many insurance plans may include:

  • Oral heath exams
  • Comprehensive thyroid testing
  • Skin screenings
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Osteoporosis
  • MRI
  • EKG
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)

Many people do not even realize that they could be at risk for heart disease or be prone to stroke or cancer because they experience no symptoms. Since preventive tests address these issues, early detection is possible in order to control and prevent many major health consequences that may occur down the road. Without these tests, it is quite possible that a person could experience devastating health consequences that could otherwise be avoided.

Many private companies in the U.S., including Kansas, offer a wide range of health screening checks, from blood tests to full body scans as well as screening for serious conditions like cancer or heart failure. Essentially, preventive health screenings are done at the discretion of the patient, not a health care organization or insurance company. Therefore, patients can make their own personal decisions based upon their own preferences and risk factors. This puts the full advantage of health care services into the hands of patients, where they belong. 

Midnight Walker is an empowered patient advocate who believes that people should become more involved in their own care and that being an empowered patient means researching doctors before you choose one. The website at HealthTestingCenters(dot)com will help Kansas patients to learn more about tests available, which tests to take, and how to take control of their own and their family’s health.

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