Before going to buy a makeup it is important to take all the features into account because buying of makeup application is easy but you have to consider all the factors such as eye color for example if you have green eyes try to go for related items as we have mention in our articles below it isn’t bout just picking the shades that complement your skin tone.

Play with Purples

Purple shades of makeup application give a gorgeous look to your green eyes as purple color is opposite color to green while it would a perfect fit choice for green eyes with the help of deep plum eye shadows when applied toward the outer edges and at inner eye go for lighter purple colors which will help in widen the look of close set eyes. While the do the opposite method if you have a droopy eyelids. The purple color should be avoided with blue undertones as well as eyeliner and eye shadow of blue colors. If a little bit purple colors effect you much then go for greyish lavender shadow for purple look

It is advised that these color mentioned as dark green, lavender, purple plum is an effective color tones for green eyes Shadow Idaes. While highlighting green eyes gold and copper colors works better. It is a wise choice to avoid black and use brown and grey color which is so softer than harsh for eyeliner.

For green eyes according to general rule of thumb is to select warm shades against cooler shades. The tone will help in mascara while It would be a good choice because the face will not look harsh or exaggerated.

Tips For Green Eyes Shadow Ideas

Avoid Silver

The bronze, copper, and gold is obviously fabulous in the evening time for green eyes. If you want to use metallic then you have to avoid silver color specially. With a little flecks of gold earthy brown and dark green will be so attractive choice.

Ditch the Black Eyeliner

For the females with green eyes shadow ideas it is not a perfect and attractive choice to use a black eyeliner but as it is a fact that everyone love black eyeliner but instead of the black eyeliner you have choices to go and use chocolate brown or espresso eyeliner while you also try plum or gold for more attractive looking.

To widen up your eyes and make then pop so add little bit white eyeliner near to the tear duct or at inner corner but as you really want a black eye liner then instead of tru black go charcoal but imagine how brown color will its amazing go for it.

Final Verdict

As makeup today is important  part of life for women while some have expensive makeup application but don’t have knowledge that how to use it so here we are for your help follow us and be a master of makeup. As makeup is concerned with practice so with practice you will be a good applicator and utilizer of the makeup application.