Lately, most people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. They are changing their diets, avoiding McDonald’s, TGIF and Chucky Cheese, and doing regular three-hour-a-week exercise, not only to look better and prepare their bodies for the summer to come, but to also feel better. However, there is something else that you can do for your body, and that is to think more carefully about the beauty products that you are using.

Why is It so Important?

You probably did not even notice how many different beauty products you are actually using on a daily basis. Various cleansers, soaps, body lotions, perfumes, and hair products, all containing numerous chemicals. Cosmetic companies claim that they are limited to doses that are safe for your body, but you are using so many products so often that you cannot really be sure if that is true anymore. As most of them are applied to your skin, it absorbs them, and they end up directly in your bloodstream. So if there is anything in them that can do you any harm, you might not notice it immediately, but only in the long run.

What Are Organic Beauty Products?

What are Natural Beauty Products?

The most simplified definition would be that organic beauty products are the ones that contain only natural ingredients. However, many neglect the farming method for the plants, herbs, flowers, and roots that have been used for the production of one, for example, facial crème. To be considered completely natural, it has to be grown in an organic garden, meaning that there are no additional chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides added to the plant, to make it grow faster, bigger, and in conditions that are not so adequate for it. So if you are looking for a company, which products are organic, you should look for the ones that are USDA Certified, because then you know that they contain at least 95% organic ingredients in them.

Are They Any Good?

It is pretty hard to convince people that organic products are actually better than traditional ones, because they have already selected a brand, and they are sticking to it because they have been satisfied with it for so long. However, as previously mentioned, you never know what kind of effect can chemicals that they contain leave on your organism, so it is, of course, better to stick to what is natural. They proved not to be as heavy on the skin as traditional ones, so whether it is makeup or a body lotion, after you put it on, your pores will not be clogged, what makes it easier for your skin to breathe. Secondly, they proved to keep your skin firm and smooth, stopping wrinkles and lines from appearing, and helping you stop the clock, and maintain younger-looking face that all people strive for. Also, as they are long lasting, your perfume and deodorant will keep you fresh all day, no matter if you are sitting in your room on a Sunday morning, relaxing with a good book, or working hard in an office on a Wednesday afternoon. Another good thing about these ‘spritzers’ is that they do not leave as much toxins in the atmosphere as regular ones, so by using them you are actually helping to improve living conditions on our little planet. Last, but not the least important thing when it comes to natural products is that they are much cheaper, so not only are they environmentally, but also wallet-friendly. So if you think about how many products you actually buy, you will see that the monthly budget will increase if you decide to go green.

Where Can Natural Beauty Products be Found?

Before people became more aware of the problem the Earth is in, pollution and ozone layer destruction, organic products of any kind could only be found in small local stores, because their owners used to make them at home by themselves. Luckily, today, people are not only aware of environmental problems, but also the ones that they can have with their body after the excessive use of beauty products, so even bigger cosmetic companies became more green. Now you can find natural products made by famous brands in almost every cosmetic store and pharmacy, where any technician will recommend it over some other, traditional product.

So if you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle, do not only change your eating and workout habits, but also change all the lotions, crèmes, hair products, and whatever you can find in your makeup kit. Not only will you feel better because it is good for your skin, but because you are helping to save the environment.