Amongst all contraceptive devices, male condoms are often considered to be quite convenient and effective to use. They provide safety not just against possible risks of pregnancy, but against STIs as well. With more public awareness about matters and practices related to sex, condoms have become the most common method that exists today which allow people the freedom to live their sexual lifestyle as per their wish without taking major medical risks.

However, the current sex education that each individual receives either from educational institutes, families or marketing advertisements is far from being completely accurate. When it comes to the practice of safe sex, many individuals still harbour problematic ideas and general ignorance. Take the thick condom controversy for example. A lot of men believe that extra strong condoms always guarantee maximum safety during sex. They often forget that a lot of other factors should be taken into account while trying new condoms.

How Safe Are Extra Thick Condoms?

Extra thick condoms are always beneficial for men who want to last longer during penile intercourse. While ultra thin condoms are a preference for many men who want a very natural feel, the extra thick condoms will delay orgasms by a few minutes. Men who experience early or premature ejaculation often find extra thick condoms to be effective in delaying the finale, thereby giving them a chance to have more fulfilling sexual experience.

Beyond extending intercourse duration, extra thick condoms are very effective in providing maximum protections against STIs. Being thicker, these condoms are less likely to break than your average condom variety. This is one of the reasons why medical practitioners advise people to use the extra thick condom for anal sex, since less risk of breakage means you will have lesser chance of experiencing messy disasters. But this feature alone is not the telltale sign of a condom’s success. A lot of ultra thin condoms are also quite strong, and what it therefore really comes down to is a list of factors that ultimately decide whether a certain variety of condom is safe enough for you or not:

– Expiry Date:

A lot of people do not think expiry dates should matter in case of any product apart from food. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the data presented in this article (, about 61% of men and women do not know that expiration dates exists on condom wrappers. When you are buying a new pack of condoms, always check whether the manufacturing date and expiry date are printed on the back. Condoms are primarily made from latex. This material degrades after a certain amount of time. Different condom companies always check their latex to see when it stars to become degraded. Accordingly, they print the expiration date. If you buy a condom that has already gone past the expiry date, the latex will not be strong enough and can easily break. This is quite dangerous as you could be putting yourself and your partner under significant risk unknowingly.

– Types of Lubricants:

Lube will always be your best friend during sex. Not only do they make sex much easier and less comfortable for some people, but they can also enhance the sexual experience overall. However, you need to be careful about what kind of lubes you are using. Oil based lubricants should be a strict no-no for you if you are using condoms for sex. The oil can damage latex, often causing it to break during intercourse. Always choose the water-based lubes because they will not harm the latex, and will be an easier mess to clean up after.

– Storage Issues:

If you always carry condoms in your pockets because you may never know when you might get lucky, think again. Research proves that latex does not work properly when it comes close to heat sources. When you carry your condoms in your pockets, you expose the latex to your body heat, thereby letting it degrade much faster. This is the same reason why you should not keep your condoms in direct sunlight or on top of dresser where they are exposed to light sources. Always keep your condoms in cool dark places like top drawers of dressers, or even a purse. Also, try to keep condoms away from sharp objects while storing them.

– Proper usage:

A lot of people do not know how to put a condom on properly. While putting it on, make sure you press the teat on the tip of the condom to push out air as you put it on. This will prevent a pocket of air forming in your condom which might cause the latex to break during intercourse. If you wear your condom correctly, you will face less chance of it slipping off or breaking. If you never attended a sex ed class which demonstrated how you can roll a condom on a banana, you can go to youtube and read information on different websites regarding the method. A lot of these sites also provide additional information and tips as well which you might find very helpful.

A lot of people might think that condoms lessen sensation and therefore hamper sex. This belief is actually not based on any true facts. Condoms provide so many medical safeties that they reduce worries and anxieties among people, helping them to focus on the sexual experience more and enjoy a lot better. Also, more websites like are now selling amazing sex toys and interesting varieties of safe condoms which can enhance your bedroom life a lot!

Condoms will help you to have sex responsibly, without imposing sexual inhibitions or limitations on yourself. Make sure that you do your research about condom brands and their qualities to ensure that you are getting good grade condoms which will never fail you. Certain global brands like Durex, Trojans and Lifestyle are quite reputed companies which provide only the best condoms that you can rely on in the market. Try to store them properly, and you will have lesser chance of catching diseases or being responsible for you or your partner getting pregnant.