If you are one of the sufferers of prostatitis, then you already know how tough life can be on your bad days and how permitting it can be on your good days. According to WebMd, prostatitis is an infection of the prostate. But as few as 10% of all cases are actually caused by any form of bacteria.

While this condition will not increase your risk of contracting prostate cancer, it can be extremely painful and can truly denigrate your quality of life. As more is learned about the symptoms, several effective holistic treatment options have been developed. We’ll introduce you to five methods of naturally treating the symptoms so you can find relief.


Due to the fact that Quercetin is a well-known mast cell secretion blocker, it has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of prostatitis. Doctors advise that you look for Prosta-Q and Q-Urol because they contain the highest levels of Quercetin. Dosage levels should be cycled in the following format: three weeks on and one week off for the best results. Natural sources also include Rooibos, or Redbush.


A long touted holistic cure for many ailments, acupuncture shouldn’t be ruled out for prostatitis, either. In a related study, it was found that 17 patients who suffered from chronic prostatitis, and who were not responsive to conventional treatment methods, found relief via electro acupuncture. In this study, it was deemed that 70% of patients found moderate relief while 30% found excellent relief.

Prostatic Massage

A long used treatment for prostatitis has been prostatic massage. This is because it helps promote drainage at the infection sites. But, since this massage has not been fully medically evaluated, more research is necessary. Still, patients seeking treatment can look into this as an option for symptom relief.

Sitz Bath

A commonly used method to treat prostatitis includes patients taking a sitz bath. Experts advise that treatments be alternated between warm and cold baths, with warm baths being controlled at 105–115ºF for 3 minutes, followed immediately by cold baths being controlled at 55–85º F for 30 seconds. The most current sitz bath treatment methods require a total of six baths per treatment regimen.

Wise-Anderson Protocol

Currently, the most popular natural method to treat prostatitis is called the Wise-Anderson protocol. A recent study regarding this physician developed method found that 82% of patients being treated successful reduced the symptoms. Using a special six-day clinic, patients are treated and released, with most revealing that the results have helped drastically improve their quality of life.

While there may be no medical cure for prostatitis at the present, newer studies are emerging that can help sufferers find relief. While a variety of holistic methods are available, one should always consult with their primary physician before seeking relief.